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VirtualPBX Announces New 2021 Business Phone Plans

VirtualPBX announced today the updates to its 2021 Business Phone Plans. The phone system developer’s lineup, for businesses of all sizes, now includes a new unlimited users plan called Spark and adds more high-level features to its set of unlimited minutes plans.

“We’re better set than ever to address the needs of companies large and small,” said VirtualPBX COO Lon Baker.

“Spark looks at the needs of small businesses with low call volumes and combines that with important team features like Audio and Video Conferencing.

“Our Unlimited Minutes Plans, across that entire set, reach from entrepreneurs to enterprises that need more calling minutes and more advanced features as they grow their subscriber bases and number of team members.

“Whether they’re working at an office, staying fully remote, or trying a hybrid work approach, we have something for the business that wants to stay connected and have room to grow.”

Unlimited Users on Spark

VirtualPBX’s offering of an unlimited users plan is now displayed entirely within the new Spark Plan. It includes the powerful team features of Audio Conferencing and Video Conferencing that can be used on a range of devices, including the VirtualPBX Softphone for mobile and desktop.

Spark gives businesses 1000 calling minutes to start that can be used with three included phone numbers – applied to any combination of local and toll-free numbers. This allows businesses to reach out to customers and stakeholders, and receive calls to their offices.

In addition, Spark allows for unlimited calling between system users, so teams can use conferencing to its fullest throughout their workdays.

Spark reaches a niche of customer that only makes occasional calls but still needs the power of a fully-developed phone system. It provides an Auto Attendant for a business’s main number, Ring Groups for organization of departments, and integration with Zapier for automation of phone system tasks and notifications.

Small business, entrepreneurs, online shops supported by a live chat platform, and modest non-profits make a good fit for the new plan.

Unlimited Minutes Plans for Growth

Each of the VirtualPBX Unlimited Minutes Plans remain the same in their titles but have been updated with new features and layouts. They all allow for unlimited inbound and outbound voice calling, video conferences, and SMS texting.

VirtualPBX offers the Flex, Essentials, Advanced, and Enterprise Plans for businesses with higher call volumes and which are looking for room to grow their customer bases and their employee counts.

Flex now starts with three phone numbers (a combination of local and toll-free) and now includes the features of Digital Faxing and ACD Queues. These upgrades give customers more control over how they manage documents and handle inbound calls to their sales and support agents.

Essentials has been upgraded with Call Recording that starts with 125 GB of storage. Amazon AWS External Storage is now available to store recordings, and the VirtualPBX API has been made available for businesses that wish to build custom applications that link to their phone systems.

Advanced and Enterprise remain the top tiers of service that are applicable to larger business and international enterprises. They each provide Advanced Call Reporting, and Enterprise comes with Priority Support for a direct line to a dedicated VirtualPBX account expert.

Pricing Tiers

For all Unlimited Minutes Plans, pricing tiers have also been adjusted to better fit the needs of customers. VirtualPBX’s recent look at its existing customer base has revealed more about the preferences of businesses at all levels.

VirtualPBX, therefore, has changed its pricing tiers to include 1-10 Users, 11-50 Users, 51-100 Users, and 100+ Users categories to match the ways in which businesses grow and seek higher tiers of service.

All VirtualPBX accounts receive 24/7 Support and accounts with 10 or more devices or users receive full 30-Day Rollout Support from a dedicated onboarding team to ensure that multiple sites and potentially hundreds of user devices are configured from the first day of operation.

VirtualPBX is excited to offer its new 2021 business phone plans to all future customers. Its sales team is ready to speak to prospective customers, encourage them to get started with a new plan, and prepare a customized Free Demo for businesses that have unique situations and want a detailed look at the VirtualPBX platform.

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