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VirtualPBX Announces Extension of Local Calling to Canada and Mexico

VirtualPBX, a leader in business communications, has announced that its range of local calling for customers will now include Canada, Mexico, and Alaska and Hawaii. This expansion of service allows businesses to complete calls to and from all 50 states in the U.S., all provinces and territories in Canada, and all states in Mexico without additional per-minute fees.

This opportunity for businesses is unique among many phone plans on the market. For VirtualPBX, this announcement has a direct effect on all its Unlimited Minutes Plans by giving clients the opportunity to call as much as they need to any of the aforementioned international locations. VirtualPBX Unlimited Users Plans, which offer local calling for blocks of minutes, now let all users in those plans work across international boundaries.

VirtualPBX Unlimited Minutes Plans Include Local Calling to Mexico and Canada

VirtualPBX COO Lon Baker spoke about the immediate impact this can have for customers:

“This expansion of service lets our existing customers have more freedom in the way that they do business. Our international rates are low, but until now, companies would have had to consider additional per-minute costs when dialing Canada, Mexico, or even outside the contiguous U.S. That’s no longer a hurdle for businesses to offer excellent sales and customer support to their own clientele.

“Moreover, we have stepped one level above many competitors by extending our reach in this way. Our VoIP plans come packed with features, and now we can say that our ‘local’ minutes are truly ‘international’ minutes because they let businesses have their headquarters in one country but call often to another, or let them broaden their customer base by advertising to groups of individuals who may live outside their current market.”

Baker’s quote outlines the primary benefits that current and future customers will see with this change. Although the concept of local calling is often understood to comprise the primary areas in which a business will operate, this isn’t always the case for businesses that conduct international business regularly.

VirtualPBX has made this change to break down barriers between the North American countries as much as possible. As a communications provider, it is often the link between multiple headquarters of international businesses, such as with Persistent Systems, and also the direct link between businesses and their customers, as is the case with 1st Classic Limos.

These customers and others can benefit from an increased range of their local calling status. Local phone numbers can be used in a greater number of situations, so marketing efforts can become more personalized. Moreover, use of phone numbers within any VirtualPBX Business Phone Plan can become more flexible, such as using new local numbers for Direct Inward Dialing to create direct lines to users in an office or in remote work situations.

The expansion of local calling impacts all areas of a business’s phone plan. Experienced VirtualPBX sales team members are available by online chat, phone, or email for further questions and to begin new plan signups.

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VirtualPBX develops a powerful, affordable VoIP Phone System for businesses of all sizes. Enjoy professional features like Auto Attendant, Ring Groups, Zapier Integration, and full-featured Web Phone with every plan. Upgrade to Video Calling, Business SMS, Call Recording, AWS External Storage, and more as needed. VirtualPBX supports office phones and personal devices in all its phone plan features. Award-winning SIP Trunking and networking services are also available from this San Jose-based business of more than 20 years market experience.

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