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Persistent Systems Leans on VirtualPBX for Global Phone System Rollout

Persistent Systems develops software for enterprises all over the globe. It stakes its reputation on being the best in the business and delivering innovative products for its clients.

Recently, it began a relationship with IBM to help develop that computing giant’s Jazz collaborative lifecycle management platform. This complex arrangement saw IBM outsource its work and relocate hundreds of its employees to nearby sites while Persistent outfitted a global collection of new buildings with office equipment – including a VirtualPBX Business Phone System – specifically for this endeavor.

VirtualPBX has played a prominent role in the transformation, and as the rollout of Persistent’s new offices continues to evolve, the pair has developed its own relationship that spans nine cities in Canada, Israel, India, Mexico, the U.K., and the U.S.

Watch the video below to hear Todd Baseden, Principal Engineering Manager at Persistent, speak about his experience. He has worked closely with VirtualPBX since his company’s site rollouts began in 2016.

New Offices Across The Globe

IBM’s decision to outsource its work on Jazz was no small matter. It created a new unit, the IBM Alliance Business Unit, and sought to move the more than 350 employees who are part of that group to new offices that Persistent would begin to manage.

Although many of the Alliance employees would ultimately move to locations near where they had once worked for IBM in-house, the entire rollout still required that Persistent manage those hundreds across three continents.

It also required that Persistent outfit the newly-leased office buildings with desks, computers, phones, internet service, and anything else essential for completing work on Jazz. Persistent’s experience in global product development and extensive management capabilities helped it complete these tasks.

When it finally came time for Persistent to procure phone service for each of its new sites, it contacted VirtualPBX.

The Need For a Virtual Phone System

Virtual phone systems fit well at geographically-dispersed operations because they offer a level of flexibility and interconnectivity that their on-site counterparts cannot match.

Persistent Systems was a prime candidate for a virtual system. It needed a desk phone for every employee at each of its nine sites. Furthermore, it required that many additional employees had access to the same phone network from home — so it sought smartphone and desktop apps for that purpose.

It also wanted to outfit a number of central offices with conference phones that could support group meetings with dozens of employees.

All told, Persistent needed a phone system capable of quickly provisioning approximately 375 physical devices and a handful of mobile and desktop apps.

VirtualPBX Answers The Call

VirtualPBX responded by first signing up Persistent Systems with a Dash Business Phone Plan. This assured that Persistent could easily provision the hundreds of desk phones it would need to start the transition. It would also allow Persistent to use the VirtualPBX Softphone App on mobile devices and desktop computers.

In short, Dash allowed for an easy startup that left no employee without a communications option.
After the Dash signup, VirtualPBX helped Persistent choose the type of desk phones that would work best for its situation. Persistent chose the Yealink T21 as its primary desk phone and the Polycom IP7000 for its conference rooms.

Persistent purchased all its desk and conference phones through VirtualPBX where the experienced VirtualPBX Team made sure the phones were pre-configured and ready to use upon delivery. Once they were delivered and connected to local networks, each phone automatically reached a VirtualPBX server to download updates and connect itself to Persistent’s virtual network of devices.

Following the setup of hardware, VirtualPBX also made sure that Persistent was provided with direction on downloading and installing the VirtualPBX Softphone on its employees’ mobile devices and desktops.

Yealink T21P-E2

An Ongoing Relationship

VirtualPBX helped Persistent Systems install phones at the rate of about two sites per month, which was on pace with the software developer’s initial rollout schedule. By meeting those deadlines, it was able to have all its sites fully operational within six months.

Following that initial period of hardware installation and configuration, VirtualPBX began providing tech support for Persistent’s entire collection of new offices.

Persistent upgraded to VirtualPBX Premier Support to gain guaranteed immediate phone, email, and online chat access with support reps. This has helped individual site managers identify and fix network configuration errors as soon as they occurred.

Persistent has even used that upgraded level of support, on two occasions in U.S. and Canada sites, to have VirtualPBX techs respond the next morning to urgent calls for on-site service.

On-site visits, however, are rarely needed. Technicians typically make themselves available to remotely assist managers with minor issues such as the navigation of local firewalls, which must be configured to allow PBX traffic to pass between employees’ phones and the online Dash system.

What The Future Holds

Todd Baseden, the Principal Engineering Manager of IoT for Persistent Systems, has called VirtualPBX “outstanding” and a “a great company to consider for your telecom needs.”

“Persistent and VirtualPBX have developed a strong partnership for our telecom services,” Todd continued. “Our relationship has never been strained, and VirtualPBX has been outstanding in providing training and development to our center leads on using Dash and enabling us to self-administer the appliances.”

VirtualPBX continues to demonstrate its proficiency as a communications partner by providing expedient and knowledgeable service.

Its global voice platform ensures that Persistent has access to high-quality phone service at all hours. Moreover, VirtualPBX stands behind that level of service with a dedicated support team that makes itself available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

This industry-leading level of service and support will remain steadfast as the pair moves forward.

Persistent has relied on VirtualPBX for years and intends to call upon this established business relationship in future projects. As contracts develop and new opportunities for assistance become available, VirtualPBX will be ready to tackle any additional site rollouts or upgrades as necessary.

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