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Franchise Phone System

Streamline Your Franchise Communications with VirtualPBX

From sandwich shops to dental practices, we’ve been able to help franchises of all types grow their business without losing the confidence that their expanding customer base is being well treated.

Not only will the scalable, portable, flexible, and totally customizable VirtualPBX Franchise Phone System save you upwards of 80% over traditional, on-site telephone services, it will also leave you sleeping better at night, too. That’s because each VirtualPBX VoIP system comes with a 14-Day, money-back guarantee to help you make the move to a hosted system with complete confidence.

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We Can Serve All Your Locations

A hosted telephone system is a communication network that provides any caller immediate access to the most convenient, logical franchise location. VirtualPBX’s sophisticated, low-cost solution is the franchise enhancement that keeps franchises scalable and personable.

  • Maintain brand standards and advertise one toll-free number with the same call experience for each caller.
  • Save over 80% on phone costs over an on-site franchise phone system and spare the need to buy additional hardware or software.
  • Expand quickly into new markets and measure exactly how many callers from each zip code or area code are responding to your campaigns.

Popular Franchise Phone System Features

Unlike a regular business phone system that sends callers to an extension or gives callers a directory of franchisee numbers, VirtualPBX Franchise Phone Systems offer a variety of unique and immediate ways for your customers to connect. Our customizable system offer features to help streamline your franchise like:

Customer Success Story: Capacity to Build a Franchise Phone System For 200+ Stores!

Insomnia Cookies, a bakery franchise specializing in curing your late-night cookie fix, delivers freshly baked cookies right to your door, as late as 3 am. The franchise has rapidly expanded across the U.S. in recent years.

That’s where our state-of-the-art phone system comes in. VirtualPBX has worked with Insomnia Cookies to develop a custom arrangement that allows for rapid deployment of IP phones to new Insomnia locations, connecting to a nation-wide company phone network through the VirtualPBX Business Phone Platform.

“With stores open to 3 a.m., it’s sometimes challenging to find vendors that are responsive at all hours of the night. This is not the case with VirtualPBX.” – Soapy Keo, IT Support Manager at Insomnia Cookies

Insomnia Cookies Logo: Franchise Phone System Customer

Franchise Phone System: Customer Benefits

Franchisors, franchisees, and all of the customers involved each benefit in unique ways from a polished and professional franchise phone system.

  • More calls, more sales – by advertising a local business number and also feeding calls from a nationwide, toll-free number, call volume explodes.
  • Reduce start-up costs by eliminating the need to purchase large phone system.
  • Access powerful business metrics that are typically reserved to much larger organizations; immediately available with a hosted franchise telephone service.
  • Consistent professional handling and professional call experiences, franchise-wide.
  • Rapid satisfaction of always being directed to the most appropriate location of a franchise even when calling a national toll-free number.