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Easy Guide on How to Update your Softphone App

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Easy Guide on How to Update your Softphone App

how to update your softphone appOne of the things we’re keen on stressing here is the importance of running the most current version of your software. Updating your applications, firmware on your devices, and making sure that your hardware is all running the latest versions of the manufacturer’s recommended software is the best way to protect yourself from unwanted access to your information. But more than just a great way to protect yourself from hackers, running the latest version of your software is also the best way to maximize the usefulness of your digital assets, as well. That’s why we’ve got this step-by-step guide on how to update your softphone app to help you through the process.

Why to Update Your Softphone App

The VirtualPBX Softphone App has gone through many iterations and gained the recognition of having won more than one award along the way. Most recently, in fact, it gained new functionality for tablets and PC’s to much fanfare. Now, the app has received a host of similarly new iOS functionality advances thanks to some clever engineering via the open-source CallKit technology provided by Apple. Specifically, this update brings the following enhancements-

  • Added Bluetooth connectivity including call holding, call terminating, and call accepting. This update allows for more control over your phone call via the controls on your Bluetooth device itself, and no longer requires you to rely solely on the softphone interface.
  • Mobile enhancements for automotive connections. By supporting the native Bluetooth platforms found in most cars, the VirtualPBX Softphone App will now be compatible with the vehicle’s dashboard and steering wheel controls.
  • Total Bria integration. This means that the softphone now functions much like the native phone calls that are common for your iPhone in that they can be accepted, declined, silenced, etc. all from the locked phone screen rather than requiring a phone unlock to manage.
  • Updated security. This includes all of the latest security patches that you need to ensure that your VirtualPBX Softphone App is the running the cleanest and safest connections possible.

And now for our Apple device users, it’s time to update your Softphone App using this quick step-by-step guide.

How to Update Your Softphone App

To get the best out of your VirtuaPBX Softphone App and ensure that it is always operating with the latest data security measures, follow these steps-

  • Make sure that your device is plugged into a power source. This is always a best practice for updates because lengthier downloads can take a while, and doing so drains your battery faster than normal.
  • Connect to a secure wifi network. This isn’t necessary, but it’s a good way to ensure that you aren’t drawing from your mobile carrier’s data allowances while downloading and installing your softphone update.
  • Open the App Store. If you don’t have your device programmed to automatically install updates, you’ll have to find the softphone you’re your list of applications and select the update option.
  • Let it do its thing! This is where it gets easy. After choosing to update the app, you’ll not have to do anything until the process has been completed.
  • Try restarting your phone. This step is optional, but I always like to cycle through a restart whenever one of my important apps gets updated. Plus, it’s never a bad idea to give your devices a restart every now and again, anyway.

Get the Most from Your Softphone

There you have it! It only makes sense that one of the simplest business communications platforms also employs one of the simplest procedures to update it. Plus, while there may be some variations from software to software, you can also use this quick guide on how to update your softphone app for updating most of the applications on your device. Once you’re finished with the update, make sure to let us know some of the cool places or ways that you can work thanks to your VirtualPBX Softphone App on our Twitter account or Facebook page. Until then, enjoy the new application and have a great day!

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