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VirtualPBX Customer Service

Customer Service

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VirtualPBX Customer Service

“I Own This”

VirtualPBX Customer ServiceIf you are new to VirtualPBX, those are three little words we live by with our consistent and superior customer service. Period. It is the heartbeat of our organization and one we take pride in giving 24/7, 365 days a year through chat, email, and phone. There is no passing of the buck when it comes to helping a customer get the answers they need, on time, with an actual human.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small or large business at VirtualPBX. Every customer gets 100% focused attention because we all know what it is like to be on the other side of a botched customer service issue. Ever get caught fighting a losing battle with a chatbot? Not on our watch.

What Motivates Us?

The power of excellent customer service is far-reaching, and it is not only good for the reputation of your company, but it builds valuable trust in your brand. Did you know that per, about 96% of customers will leave a business after a bad experience? I have switched brands, changed banks, and canceled subscriptions based on terrible customer service treatment.

Let’s face it, and usually, when you are in customer service, you should expect an aggravated human or two. But it is the ability to take that aggravation and turn it into a positive journey that makes the job awesome. And is one of the main reasons our teams spend so much time developing ways to ensure that our customers always feel like they get A+ treatment through the whole process. Here are some ways we take care of everyone in our VirtualPBX community.

Got Youtube?

We provide free weekly online training sessions that you can attend as many times as you like on our company Youtube channel—hosted by a senior member of the VirtualPBX Support Team. Another cool thing is you can access our past training videos.

New User Training - VirtualPBX Dash

If you do miss one, never fear. We also provide support guides organized by topic.

Onboarding for Everyone

When you sign up for the VirtualPBX service, you immediately get a “White Glove” personalized training session with a member of our customer service team. Getting you up to speed with all the features is about helping out your productivity, feeding your mindset, and sustaining you for a successful future.

Profesh It

On top of what we provide free, we step it up even more with a paid professional service to our customers who are about to go through an extensive deployment or integration. This upgrade takes it off your plate so you can put your energy into other facets of your business. Raise the roof on that one.

No Velvet Rope

Velvet RopeSpeaking of roofs, from the top of the ladder and down, everyone at VirtualPBX is a part of the process of what makes our award-winning customer hosted PBX service exceed expectations. “All hands on deck” is one of our approaches, and leadership doesn’t just say it. They do it. By meeting with individual customers to assess their needs or stepping in to help out a team member with a live customer inquiry, it’s all in a day’s job.

It’s a simple philosophy. Be friendly, be supportive, and most importantly, be present for that customer.

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