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Why Every Employee Needs a Voicemail Number

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Why Every Employee Needs a Voicemail Number

Every employee in your office needs a virtual voicemail number.

With only a central voicemail box:

  1. Both your employees and customers will notice your lack of personalization
  2. You will experience a daily slowdown when sorting messages for individual departments
  3. Your professionalism will suffer on a personal and public front

Don’t let a single silo tarnish your image or your capability.

Let Your Personal Side Shine

When you set up a voicemail box for every employee in your care – like what’s possible with VirtualPBX Phone Plans – you give everyone, and every department, a unique outlet.

Customers who reach your automated attendant will want to dial “1” for Sales or “2” for Marketing to reach your experts at each level. When it’s after hours, those customers can leave detailed messages to individuals who know how to handle their concerns.

What would happen with a single company-wide voicemail box? Customers would hear a generalized message, such as the “we appreciate your business” cliche, and then immediately lose confidence that their words will be heard or addressed.

Speed Up Your Daily Customer Interactions

Those same messages would get lost in a sea of other unrelated concerns. Your department heads might only receive their messages second-hand. Worse, they might not receive them at all. In either case, the customers’ fears would be realized.

A secondary consequence of this situation is your lost time. Someone has to sort through your single inbox; that person may need to listen and transfer messages to an armful of departments.

This could eat up hours of their time, and it won’t improve the functioning of your operations. You’ll only spend too much time striving for a mediocre-at-best result.

Individual department heads can sift through their messages much more quickly. They will understand customers’ issues and can return calls or process order requests without first playing, ahem, the telephone game with a receptionist.

Boost Your Professionalism

The ultimate consequence of single voicemail number silo is that your professionalism suffers.

When you can’t offer customers reassurance that their messages are heard by an expert, you leave them with a bad interaction without even speaking to them in person.

When you can’t depend on your internal processes to inform department heads about important customer concerns, you erode those heads’ trust in the whole company structure.

Professionalism is both an external and internal business concern. Having a voicemail number for your central receptionist, your possibly-dozens of department heads, and anyone else with access to a phone gives everyone involved in your business operations the confidence you want to express.

Messages will reach their intended targets. Customers will – even after hours – have positive interactions with your brand. Employees will have important work naturally forwarded to them.

All Employees Need a Voicemail Number

Even the most junior employee will need to receive messages now and then. Give them, and their senior counterparts, confidence and capability in their positions.

Give them each a voicemail number they can quickly reach with a feature code. Then link your automated attendant to anyone you want customers to reach. It’s that easy.

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