Virtual Receptionist

While answering phones with a live person can provide a personal touch, having a virtual receptionist makes it easier to take multiple calls at once without interrupting your work. By using quality voice recording talent and equipment, callers can be welcomed and thanked for calling by the virtual phone receptionist, then smoothly directed to the correct department without taking time away from the business owner. This reduces the cost of the system and requires less hassle on the caller’s side.

More Than a Receptionist

VirtualPBX takes the basic need for a virtual receptionist for office phones and includes it in part of a complete virtual office phone system. After the virtual receptionist picks up the phone and greets the caller, they can be directed to any phone, anywhere, or leave a message on the business voicemail. Without needing either a receptionist or a complex and expensive piece of hardware to take and route calls, clients of VirtualPBX are able to focus on their own business. However, if you would prefer a human receptionist over a virtual receptionist for your office phone system, VirtualPBX can help you with that, too.

More Benefits, Lower Cost

A standard business not only saves 15-50% in phone system expense by using VirtualPBX, but also gets access to a full suite of features. The ability to transfer calls easily from one person to another at any point in the call, management tools and reporting features for keeping track of phone usage, and customized messages at the greeting, while on hold, and when leaving voicemail are all a standard part of VirtualPBX’s virtual phone receptionist solution.

Here are some additional terms that describe key VirtualPBX elements and applications:

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