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Need a Customized Telephone System? We Can Build It

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Need a Customized Telephone System? We Can Build It

Multi-route Phone Tree - Need Your Own Customized Telephone System?When potential customers ask us if we can build them a customized telephone system, of course we first respond with “Yes!”

Then we think of the two ways in which we can offer a phone plan that fits their business like a glove. We can outright offer or alter the plans we have established, including our Unlimited Minutes Plans for larger businesses and Unlimited Users Plans for businesses without high call volumes. Or we can develop a plan from scratch as one of our Custom Voice Solutions.

The use of each depends on the customers’ needs, which should include a conversation with our Sales team to see how we can best offer our help. Don’t hesitate to get in touch, but for some quick reading about our customized telephone system options, review this blog for more info on our customizable Business Phone Plans.

Modified Standard Plans

You can see the features available in all our phone plans at the Plans Comparison page. This is a great starting place to see if we already have a phone plan that fits your needs.

Our plans were created to cater to the needs of all businesses based on cost and available advanced features. Most features as a whole, therefore, can’t be added à la carte. However there is some wiggle room where we can create a customized telephone system by modifying the included features already present in our standard packages.

ACD Queues

ACD Queues Call StatusOne of the more obvious ways in which businesses customize their phone plans is through ACD Queues. All our Unlimited Minutes plans, and two of our three Unlimited Users plans, allow customers to enable the use of queues.

You can add as many queues as you need to your plan. Then you can be choosy about which system users are assigned to queues. In standard ACD Queues, there’s no additional fee to add users to a queue, but with ACD Queues Pro, there is an additional charge because of its extra enterprise features like Whisper/Barge and Dynamic Live Monitoring.

It’s perfectly fine to have some users on your plan that aren’t assigned to queues. A simple example may be that your inbound call representatives and their manager will want Pro queue access. Otherwise, you can have your receptionist, marketing team, development team, and other managers continue their statuses as normal system users with access to all the features their plan offers.

We can help set up all of this for you. Our experienced staff can make sure your initial configuration of queues works to your liking and that you’re trained to manage it from here forward.

ACD Queues Pro Agent Status

Bundle Toll-Free Minutes

Another way to create a customized telephone system is by allocating blocks of toll-free calling minutes to your plan.

One or many toll-free numbers are available for use on all our plans. Each plan also comes with a pre-determined number of minutes, reaching up to 2,500 minutes on Enterprise.

If you expect to use more minutes than that, you can easily purchase blocks of minutes ahead of time. An expected large calling volume for several months or years in a row could also benefit from a quick chat with our Sales team to see how we can cater our rates to your circumstances.

Zapier Automation

In addition, we can also help you establish connections to the Zapier automation service so your phone system interacts well with all your existing web apps.

Many of our customers use other applications to communicate before starting a VirtualPBX Plan. They may use Slack, for example, as their primary method of communication. And with the proper addition of Zapier automations, their favor for Slack can continue but with voice calls added into the mix.

Have an app that you use all the time? Take a quick look to see if it works with Zapier. Our VirtualPBX intergration works with all available Zapier apps. You can send data directly from to another, such as sending inbound call notifications to a Slack channel. We’ll walk you through the quick setup process.

Fully Customized Telephone System

Some businesses manage to reach beyond our standard plans by quite a bit. See these examples:

Multi-tier Phone Trees: We’ve helped customers create customized Auto Attendants that span multiple languages and reach to multiple business locations. The complex routing needed to send callers through multiple phone trees can be built by our engineers.

Short-term Political Headquarters: Time-sensitive, temporary operations such as a political headquarters can be created to serve your organization for as long or as short a time as it needs. Although we like to have our customers stay with us for years, we recognize the impermanence of some situations and times of year – like an election – and we’re happy to establish a custom plan quickly as you request.

Speak to Our Team

It can’t be stressed enough that, to create a customized telephone system that meets your exacting needs, a conversation with Sales is an essential first step. Keep in mind that there’s never any pressure to buy. We want to hear how we can best serve your business, and we look forward to speaking with you.

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