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Author: Rachel Anderson

Introducing the New Microsoft Teams Integration

Today, we shared that one of our most anticipated features has been released. Joining our list of integrations is Microsoft Teams. Our own team has been working hard to make sure this integration is smooth, continuing a core reason that businesses choose Microsoft Teams in the first place: to maintain focus, encourage productivity, and keep their teams on the same page and within the same interface.

Not Your Regular VoIP Device

Customers choose VirtualPBX for robust call routing features, Advanced Call Reports, Auto Attendant menus, and department options. With VirtualPBX, you present a professional appearance for your callers while also gaining critical data that informs your business decisions. But what about your employees’ experience? That’s where our new Microsoft Teams Integration comes into play.

The Microsoft Teams Integration functions like another device on a user. Your calls flow just as they did without the integration and your data continues to flow, too – your users just answer calls right inside of Microsoft Teams.

The Microsoft Teams interface is built for communication. Users chat, share files, and take advantage of the apps marketplace. Another core consideration is the ability to make calls, check your voicemail, and view call history. VirtualPBX integrates directly with these native features. Since the connection with VirtualPBX happens in the background, no user training is required and your employees maintain their standard processes.

Get More Out of Microsoft Teams Today

Supercharge your company’s use of Microsoft Teams when you integrate with VirtualPBX. Keep the focus and productivity you’ve built and layer on a better experience for callers and detailed analytics for your decision makers. Plus, not only is the experience easy – getting started is easy too. Learn more about our Microsoft Teams Integration and get in touch with our team today! We’d love to show you around and discover how we can improve your business communications and get more out of every call.

Fall for Savings on Our Most Popular Plan: Save with October Pricing

The leaves are falling and so are prices on our most popular plan!

Until the end of October, take advantage of 20% savings on our Advanced Unlimited Minutes Plan. But act fast, this deal on our customer favorite plan is over on November 1st 2021.

What Makes the Advanced Plan the Most Popular?

First, let’s start with the basics. Like all of our Unlimited Minutes Plans, the Advanced Plan includes unlimited local minutes to all 50 of the United States and Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico. It additionally includes 2,500 toll-free minutes and 10 local or toll-free numbers. With that volume, it would be safe to assume that this plan is geared towards mid-larger businesses, but since this plan is billed by the number of users, it’s a great way to deliver advanced features and a solid amount of call traffic at a price sized for any business.

Speaking of features, outside of our Custom Voice Solutions, the Advanced Plan is our most feature-rich plan. It includes customer favorites like Auto Attendant, Call Recording, Private Storage, a Webhooks Integration, and of course, SMS and Video Conferencing.

But what sets the Advanced Plan apart? Advanced Call Reports!

Advanced Call Reports delivers the most in depth reporting on call traffic, allowing business managers to find insights, evaluate department and individual performance, and to schedule critical data points to stakeholders. Most customers start with our over 40 report templates including Agent Reports, Service Level by Day, and Calls by Duration. But once our customers discover how easy it is to customize reports, they’re soon creating filters to break up data by incoming dialed phone number, drilling down on call transfers, and adding and subtracting columns to correlate important data points. But what’s the most advanced aspect of Advanced Call Reports? Customizable Wall Boards that show live data (like in the below video) and can even be displayed on screens in your workplace with our Amazon Fire Stick integration.

Get Advanced Call Reports on our Advanced Plan this Month – For 20% Off!

Discover more about your call traffic and take advantage of the feature-rich Advanced Plan with special October pricing. Head over to our October promotion landing page to get your 20% off discount. But don’t forget – this deal will disappear November 1st, 2021!

VirtualPBX Adds Puerto Rico to Local Traffic List

Puerto RicoOur customers asked and we listened – Puerto Rico has officially been added as a location for VirtualPBX local traffic! With a population over three million and its status as a United States territory, there has been no shortage of call traffic to and from Puerto Rico and the Continental US. In fact, at VirtualPBX, we’ve seen this number grow and with it, the demand to make those calls easier. Now, by categorizing this traffic as local, VirtualPBX customers can save even more.

What Else is Considered Local Traffic?

All VirtualPBX Plans allow for either a set number of local minutes each month (Spark Plans) or an unlimited number of local minutes per month (Flex, Essentials, and Advanced Plans). The following locations are all included in this group:

  • 50 United States (including Alaska and Hawaii)
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Puerto Rico

Start Making Calls to Puerto Rico

Not a customer yet? No problem! Browse our Business Phone Plans to find the feature set and included minutes that work best for you and your team. Each plan includes free training sessions – simply ask your VirtualPBX representative to help set you up to make calls to and/or from Puerto Rico. Of course, if you prefer to work directly with a sales team member to help steer you in the right direction, we have representatives standing by right here in our online chat!

Already a VirtualPBX customer? Reach out to us by phone, chat, or email [email protected] to enable this on your account. Once this has been enabled, you may define which devices on your account should and should not be able to make calls to and from Puerto Rico.

VirtualPBX Softphone Updates August 2021

The latest and greatest is now available on the VirtualPBX Softphone for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac users. Already the VirtualPBX employee favorite device, we’ve made a series of improvements to improve user experience. For those with automatic updates enabled, the below changes are already available to you. Need to download the newest version manually? No problem. Our apps page contains download links and instructions for each platform.

So, What’s New in the VirtualPBX Softphone?

Desktop (Windows and Mac) 6.4.2

  • You can now join someone’s conference from the dialer. Type the host’s name and you’ll see multiple options appear – choose their Meeting Room and you’ll enter their conference.
  • Changes in the conference (collaboration) toolbar:
    • Assign Yourself the Floor
    • Mute the Meeting
    • Conference Resolution
  • Ability to provision an additional certificate name for a SIP server.
  • When auto-upgrading to a newer version, if only one account is found on your device, the account will automatically be selected and only asks your password. This improvement aims to streamline the auto upgrade process for end users.
  • Previously a built-in microphone on some Windows laptops appeared in the drop down list, but did not recognize sound. This issue has been resolved for several devices including the HP EliteBook 840 G6, Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga, Lenovo X1 Carbon, and Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen8.
  • Ability to assign (and un-assign) the floor to another person in the Participants tab.

iOS 6.5.2

There have been improvements to the overall stability and performance, such as:

  • A fix for a broken link in file transfer.
  • A fix for the chatroom error “Room not available” after the XMPP account reconnected.

Android 6.5.2

  • In Preferences, the “Use Native Dialer” option has been removed under Telecom Framework native integration. SIP calls will be made using the VirtualPBX Softphone rather than native dialer.
  • A fix for an issue where contact suggestions are not visible on the dialpad while typing. This issue is observed when moving back to the dialer tab from other tabs on version 6.5.1.
  • A fix for the voicemail count icon disappearing after declining an incoming call.
  • Adjusted the size of the green call button on the dialpad.

Record Phone Calls to Broker Better Business Deals

Record Phone CallsWhether you’re involved in a family-owned shop or a multi-national corporation, the communications your business has with its customers and partners can prove extremely important to your success. Some businesses have begun to record phone calls to aid recall of their conversations, and you might want to consider following their lead.

According to recent analysis at Software Advice, call centers involved with call recording showed a strong preference for web-based software like our Dash Business Phone Plans. The call centers emphasized their desire for features like call recording and conferencing, but you don’t have to run a call center to take advantage of those same features. You can reap the benefits of cloud-based software regardless of what style operation you run.

Let’s examine a few ways that call recording can make a positive impact on your business relations.

Keep it Personal

No business could function well without solid performances from its individual employees.

Take journalism, for example, where reporters are charged with interviewing all manner of people to piece together stories. Both facts and personal quotations come from one-on-one interviews between reporters and community members. Sometimes interviews take place over the phone, and in those cases, the conversations could be recorded for better recall.

Although journalists may strive to keep their facts straight and their quotes accurate, even their best efforts won’t always create 100 percent accuracy on the printed page. They could improve the accuracy of their stories by simply allowing a cloud-based system to record their phone calls.

In most cases, replay of a call is as simple as accessing the online system – like signing in to our Call Recording Manager to play or download an important conversation. This makes it easy to fact-check notes scrawled on a notepad or quotes hastily typed. From there, the newspaper benefits by printing highly accurate pieces, and the public benefits from a strong display of community events.

For the Good of the Company

Stepping up the ladder of responsibility, it may also be necessary for a multinational CEO to record phone calls for an event as pivotal as a merger.

Say a deal between your company and your biggest competitor was set to merge your operations. That may happen once in your lifetime. But it won’t proceed without a sign-off from your board of directors.

Unlike the one-on-one between a journalist and town resident, a conversation between CEO and shareholders is a group event. This means that, as CEO, you would be responsible for recall of a deal subject to the opinion of perhaps dozens of other people.

Recording your conference with the board would leave nothing to chance. Changes to the agreement would be captured. A final vote would be etched silicon. In any case, a weighty recording such as this could not only approve a huge business deal, it could serve as legal backing for the deal as it moves forward.

Analyze an Ongoing Deal

What if you aren’t yet successful with your personal interview or business merger? Sometimes a sure thing doesn’t always proceed as you desire.

Inc’s analysis of deals gone wrong ask the hypotheticals “What could I have done better?” and “How could I have handled the situation better?” A call recorder can help illuminate the problems that caused the floor to fall from under you.

Don’t let every missed opportunity ruin your future attempts at negotiation. Instead, learn from the bad deals by playing back the conversations that led to the unsavory outcome. When you learn about what you did well, what went wrong, and why, you can do better in future interactions and secure the next big deal that comes your way.

Record Phone Calls for Perspective

When you record phone calls, you give yourself an outside perspective on situations you helped create. You look at your own actions from the outside in a way that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

No matter the scope of your conversations, there’s always something you can learn from an unedited replay of your interactions with another individual or group. Why not give it a try?

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