Customer Benefits

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Our customers come first. This is why we reach beyond the high-quality features and functionality of our Business Phone System to provide you with a number of extra benefits when you contract with us.

Let us first gain your trust with the best phone service on the market. Let us build that trust with customer benefits like:

White Glove Service

Support and Training

We offer everyone access to 24/7 Support through phone, online chat, and email. When you sign up for VirtualPBX service, you are immediately granted Personalized Training that lets you schedule as many one-on-one sessions with VirtualPBX staff as you need. This will help all your employees get up to speed with Dash admin and user functionality.

30-Day Rollout Support

New customers that create accounts with 10 or more users/devices, and existing customers that add that volume to their accounts, also receive 30-Day Rollout Support that offers a number of additional benefits:
  • Comprehensive Technical Support: make sure your entire system functions as you expect
  • Network Troubleshooting: ensure the clarity of your calls, device connectivity, and health of your overall network
  • System Configuration Assistance: we guide your initial setup of Auto Attendant, Ring Groups, Call Recording, and other features on your Dash plan

Annual Review and In-Person Visits

Furthermore, all customers receive annual renewal reviews to ensure their accounts remain working well over their years of continued use. Customers with unique and complex setups can also request in-person tech visits as a supplement to the above features.

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Early Access To Features

Early access to our newest features means you can be on the cutting edge of our system development. Our Product Roadmap shows a number of features in line for release — including the second generation of our Web Phone and the implementation of text messaging. We open beta tests of these new features to our customers so we can make sure everything works well before public release. You’ll also be the first to hear of special deals — like phone giveaways. Through our newsletters, you get eyes on company news, product releases, special deals, and much more.

Current Beta ProgramsBecome a Customer

Customer Referral Program

Take a look at the types of rewards you will receive based on the number of users that sign up.

Number Of Users 1 User 2-10 Users 11-50 Users 51-100 Users 101+ Users
Reward Bonus $15 $30 $125 $350 $700

Referral Program

Discounts on Hardware

Yealink T46GSave on Phones, Headsets, and More

Every VirtualPBX customer gets a unique discount link to our VirtualPBX Store.

Within your system dashboard, your link applies a discount code to every purchase you make on desk phones, conference phones, networking hardware, and more.

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