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Current Beta Tests

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VirtualPBX RoadmapOur Product Roadmap shows the telephony features we have in testing. Beta tests help us get those programs ready for public release.

As our customers, you can participate in beta tests to get early access to the latest and greatest features ready for primetime in our Business Phone System.

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Zapier Integration

Within the Zapier website, you can create integrations called “zaps” — mappings between one program, like Google Sheets, and another, like VirtualPBX Dash — that transfer data from one program to the other.

Zapier Integration in the VirtualPBX Phone System lets us use the Zapier service to create custom and stock zaps for data transfers like these:

  • Google Sheets can track received and missed calls
  • Salesforce CRM can automatically accept a lead’s name, number, etc.
  • Slack can display voicemail notifications
  • And much more involving the Zapier apps listed here

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Call Reports

You can now easily organize your company’s data with VirtualPBX Reports. Create manageable reports generated instantly with a click of a button or on a schedule.

You can organize your reports by workspace, information filters, and delivery schedules.

  • Reports: View inbound calls by area code, call duration by talk time, agent performance by calls completed, and much more
  • Filters: Customize your reports by selecting for phone number, answered/abandoned status, and many other criteria
  • Schedules: Deliver reports to you email inbox hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly

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