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VirtualPBX Launches NEW Business Phone Plans

VirtualPBX, an award-winning business VoIP service provider, announced some exciting changes to its 2022 Business Phone Plans. In a focused effort to consistently deliver innovative customer experiences, the phone system developer now offers an updated business phone lineup – VirtualPBX Flex and VirtualPBX Pro. CEO and Chairman Paul Hammond shared what inspired this new direction to replace existing plans.

“We take great pride in our service and support for our customer’s trust. As a direct result, their needs and values have always been first and foremost our priority since we started over 20 years ago.

These past couple of years have provided an opportunity to deliver the right solutions that match the changing landscape of business communications today and tomorrow in a post-pandemic world. With these new business phone plans, we made a point to listen and supply our customers with a more straightforward way of transitioning their business to the next level of success.”

What’s Included?

The Flex and Pro Plan takes customers through a straightforward self-service sign-up process, creating a more streamlined experience for the user. The entry-level Flex Plan is still the perfect product for hybrid workers or entrepreneurs, now adding better-than-basic features, including SMS, Video, Ring Groups, and Call Recording with 250 GB of storage and more.

A step up from Flex is the Pro Plan, a perfect option for most businesses needing advanced department insights. Features on Pro will include multiple Auto-Attendants, ACD Queues Pro, Microsoft Teams Integration, API Access, Hot Desking, Advanced Call Reports, and 1,000 Toll-Free Minutes. As a bonus, Pro Plan now comes with 1TB of Call Recording storage – the most of any previous VirtualPBX plan.

Custom and CRM Plans

Enterprises looking to upgrade from Pro will have VirtualPBX Custom and CRM Plans. These business phone plans will not include free trials or self-service sign-up. But instead, it will direct prospective customers to a dedicated Sales Team for a more personal touch to deliver on specific deliverables. The Custom Plan includes advanced features like Dynamic Caller ID, DISA, SIP Trunks, Custom Call Flows, Auto-Route, Select Route, Auto Forward, 2,500 Toll-Free Minutes, on top of everything in the Pro package. CRM Plan consists of Salesforce CRM Integration and 5,000 Toll-Free Minutes, and both plans will include 2TB of Call Recording storage.

VirtualPBX’s popular Call Recording feature will be a staple for all the new 2022 plans.

Free Trials Are Back

Free TrialFREE trial offers are back with the Flex and Pro Plan! This 14-day benefit will be available for customers who utilize the self-service sign-up and begins automatically on the first day. There are no restrictions on features or minutes during the trial period of their chosen plan. After the trial period, the customer can expect to be billed per the product plan selected.

Dedication to Support

These new plans have been created after a close examination of how VirtualPBX customers use their service. Of those conversations, the points that struck a chord came from new customers who had recently changed service from other providers. The most standout point? Support. While VirtualPBX has many competitors in the VoIP market, fewer and fewer offer substantial support to their customer base. After over 20 years in business, VirtualPBX shows no signs of changing course. Personalized account configuration and optimization, weekly webinar training sessions, and 24/7 support are still offered to ALL customers, regardless of their size.

About VirtualPBX

VirtualPBX develops a powerful, affordable VoIP Phone System for businesses of all sizes. Enjoy professional features like Auto Attendant, Ring Groups, Zapier Integration, and full-featured WebPhone with every plan. Upgrade to Video Calling, Business SMS, Call Recording, AWS External Storage, and more as needed. VirtualPBX supports office phones and personal devices in all its phone plan features. Award-winning SIP Trunking and networking services are also available from this San Jose-based business with more than 20 years of market experience.

VirtualPBX Contact:
Rachel Anderson, Chief Marketing Officer
888.825.0800 Ext. 339
Rachel.Anderson [at]

VirtualPBX Announces Microsoft Teams Integration

VirtualPBX, award-winning business VoIP service provider, announced today that they’ve released a new integration with Microsoft Teams. This latest integration joins a family of popular integrations from VirtualPBX including Zapier, Webhooks, Salesforce CRM, Amazon AWS, and API. According to COO, Lon Baker, “this latest integration is in line with one of our most core intentions – to be where our customers are. Especially when we’re dealing with an integration, we want to capitalize on what customers appreciate about the tool they’re integrating with, bringing more value without breaking down where they’re finding success.”

In the case of the VirtualPBX + Microsoft Teams Integration, the indication from customers who requested this feature was clear. These customers find great value in Microsoft Teams; it keeps their employees productive, organizes files and events, and maintains a level of focus by providing an all-in-one interface. It was important that an integration with VirtualPBX not create a rift and instead take advantage of existing options in Microsoft Teams to answer and make calls, view call history, and check voicemail.

But what these customers were looking for was a way to keep their employees in Microsoft Teams while also providing a better experience for incoming callers and more useful data for business leaders. This is where VirtualPBX shines. While employees in Microsoft Teams enjoy the same experience they’re used to, this integration adds professional call routing features, Advanced Call Reports, Auto Attendant menus, and department options. The Microsoft Teams integration simply acts as an endpoint – a device associated with a user. Calls flow as they would with any other device, users simply answer or begin calls within the Microsoft Teams native interface.

New and existing customers can integrate with Microsoft Teams on a variety of VirtualPBX Unlimited Minute Plans: Essentials, Advanced, and through Custom Voice Solutions – an outside-the-box option for customers. More details can be found on the Microsoft Teams Integration feature page.

About VirtualPBX

VirtualPBX develops a powerful, affordable VoIP Phone System for businesses of all sizes. Enjoy professional features like Auto Attendant, Ring Groups, Zapier Integration, and full-featured Web Phone with every plan. Upgrade to Video Calling, Business SMS, Call Recording, AWS External Storage, and more as needed. VirtualPBX supports office phones and personal devices in all its phone plan features. Award-winning SIP Trunking and networking services are also available from this San Jose-based business of more than 20 years market experience.

VirtualPBX Contact:
Rachel Anderson, Chief Marketing Officer
888.825.0800 Ext. 339
Rachel.Anderson [at]

VirtualPBX Announces New 2021 Business Phone Plans

VirtualPBX announced today the updates to its 2021 Business Phone Plans. The phone system developer’s lineup, for businesses of all sizes, now includes a new unlimited users plan called Spark and adds more high-level features to its set of unlimited minutes plans.

“We’re better set than ever to address the needs of companies large and small,” said VirtualPBX COO Lon Baker.

“Spark looks at the needs of small businesses with low call volumes and combines that with important team features like Audio and Video Conferencing.

“Our Unlimited Minutes Plans, across that entire set, reach from entrepreneurs to enterprises that need more calling minutes and more advanced features as they grow their subscriber bases and number of team members.

“Whether they’re working at an office, staying fully remote, or trying a hybrid work approach, we have something for the business that wants to stay connected and have room to grow.”

Unlimited Users on Spark

VirtualPBX’s offering of an unlimited users plan is now displayed entirely within the new Spark Plan. It includes the powerful team features of Audio Conferencing and Video Conferencing that can be used on a range of devices, including the VirtualPBX Softphone for mobile and desktop.

Spark gives businesses 1000 calling minutes to start that can be used with three included phone numbers – applied to any combination of local and toll-free numbers. This allows businesses to reach out to customers and stakeholders, and receive calls to their offices.

In addition, Spark allows for unlimited calling between system users, so teams can use conferencing to its fullest throughout their workdays.

Spark reaches a niche of customer that only makes occasional calls but still needs the power of a fully-developed phone system. It provides an Auto Attendant for a business’s main number, Ring Groups for organization of departments, and integration with Zapier for automation of phone system tasks and notifications.

Small business, entrepreneurs, online shops supported by a live chat platform, and modest non-profits make a good fit for the new plan.

Unlimited Minutes Plans for Growth

Each of the VirtualPBX Unlimited Minutes Plans remain the same in their titles but have been updated with new features and layouts. They all allow for unlimited inbound and outbound voice calling, video conferences, and SMS texting.

VirtualPBX offers the Flex, Essentials, Advanced, and Enterprise Plans for businesses with higher call volumes and which are looking for room to grow their customer bases and their employee counts.

Flex now starts with three phone numbers (a combination of local and toll-free) and now includes the features of Digital Faxing and ACD Queues. These upgrades give customers more control over how they manage documents and handle inbound calls to their sales and support agents.

Essentials has been upgraded with Call Recording that starts with 125 GB of storage. Amazon AWS External Storage is now available to store recordings, and the VirtualPBX API has been made available for businesses that wish to build custom applications that link to their phone systems.

Advanced and Enterprise remain the top tiers of service that are applicable to larger business and international enterprises. They each provide Advanced Call Reporting, and Enterprise comes with Priority Support for a direct line to a dedicated VirtualPBX account expert.

Pricing Tiers

For all Unlimited Minutes Plans, pricing tiers have also been adjusted to better fit the needs of customers. VirtualPBX’s recent look at its existing customer base has revealed more about the preferences of businesses at all levels.

VirtualPBX, therefore, has changed its pricing tiers to include 1-10 Users, 11-50 Users, 51-100 Users, and 100+ Users categories to match the ways in which businesses grow and seek higher tiers of service.

All VirtualPBX accounts receive 24/7 Support and accounts with 10 or more devices or users receive full 30-Day Rollout Support from a dedicated onboarding team to ensure that multiple sites and potentially hundreds of user devices are configured from the first day of operation.

VirtualPBX is excited to offer its new 2021 business phone plans to all future customers. Its sales team is ready to speak to prospective customers, encourage them to get started with a new plan, and prepare a customized Free Demo for businesses that have unique situations and want a detailed look at the VirtualPBX platform.

VirtualPBX Announces Addition of Send SMS Action in Zapier

VirtualPBX, developer of business phone plans that offer voice, video, and texting, announced today that its Zapier Integration now supports the Send SMS action so businesses can deliver text messages through Zapier to their customers and colleagues.

How Zapier Automation Works

Zapier helps businesses transfer digital information from one online application to another by using workflows called zaps. Zaps work by waiting for a trigger event and reacting to the event with one or multiple actions. VirtualPBX customers can use the VirtualPBX Zapier Integration as a trigger for events such as Call Received and New Voicemail, and as a result of this latest announcement, customers can also use the integration as an action with Send SMS.

Sending an SMS message from a VirtualPBX account takes place in a zap by linking the Business SMS feature of a customer’s Business Phone Plan to the automation capabilities of Zapier. All customers able to use the Business SMS feature can send an unlimited number of text messages to their contacts; their zaps allow them to send messages in a programmatic way.

Zapier Workflow With VirtualPBX App and Send SMS Action

Usage of the VirtualPBX Zapier Integration

Inbound call data can be automatically logged in a spreadsheet, appended to a chat channel, or synced with a CRM by using the appropriate zap. For example, information about a recently-recorded voicemail can be transferred to a Slack channel created specifically to notify a sales team. Using the VirtualPBX Integration in this way – as a trigger for a zap – helps businesses stay abreast of activity that needs immediate attention.

Using the VirtualPBX Integration as an action can help a business become aware of changes that take place throughout a workday. As an example, when a customer account is created in its Salesforce CRM, a business could have that event trigger a zap that sends a text to the members of the account. Congratulations may be in order, or the text could act as a method of keeping remote teams abreast of team members’ activities.

VirtualPBX Send SMS Action in Zapier

Linked to the VirtualPBX API

Behind the scenes, the VirtualPBX API drives the connections between its Zapier app and the information in a customer’s account. VirtualPBX’s Dash platform that runs its phone plans is extensible through the API. Therefore customers can expect further additions to come to the Zapier app as new features are released in phone plans.

Interested businesses can speak to the VirtualPBX team to learn more about the Business SMS feature and the automation capabilities of Zapier. Support lines are open 24/7, and a Free Demo can be scheduled with a member of the VirtualPBX sales team to gain a personalized look at the phone system in action.

VirtualPBX Features 1st Classic Transportation in Case Study Video

1st Classic Transportation Tells How It Weathered the Pandemic While Lowering Its Expenses

Business phone system developer VirtualPBX recently completed a video feature of one of its newest customers, 1st Classic Transportation, where owner Chris Fagbolu talks about his limousine service and how his staff have made it through the COVID-19 pandemic with the help of a new virtual phone plan.

In the middle of 2020 where lockdown measures were active in California, Fagbolu began looking for a new phone service for his company. He and his drivers needed to save money, gain the ability to work remotely, and find the ability to expand through new features like text messaging. Ultimately he chose the VirtualPBX Advanced Plan, and he has been thrilled with the service since Day 1.

“The Most Important Reason Why We Chose VirtualPBX…”

Fagbolu has talked many times about the potential that our Business SMS feature offers his staff.

“The most important reason why we chose VirtualPBX,” Fagbolu said in his interview for our video, “I always keep going back to their texting.”

“Customers that arrive at the airport can text us immediately,” he continued, and noted that this feature works primarily for them through the VirtualPBX Mobile Softphone. The VirtualPBX Softphone helps many customers, including 1st Classic Transportation, complete business calls and text on their personal smartphones, all while keeping their personal and business communications separate.

For 1st Classic Transportation, it has also helped Fagbolu and his staff work from multiple locations. They have made it through the toughest times of the COVID-19 pandemic by adjusting their workplace habits and using their new phone features as an advantage.

VirtualPBX Softphone Video and Texting Example

“The Pandemic Has Hit Us Really Hard”

Of course, the transportation industry was one of the hardest hit by COVID-related restrictions because people have been afraid to travel and, at times, have been restricted in their ability to resume normal travel practices.

It has been encumbent upon all members of 1st Classic Transportation to find a way through public discomfort and mandated travel restrictions. In part, this has meant cutting expenses.

“Being in the transportation industry, the pandemic has hit us really hard,” Fagbolu continued in his video testimonial. “With VirtualPBX, it enables us, when you stay at home, to answer calls. And it has cut down our expenses.”

In the meantime of adapting to new norms, the staff of 1st Classic Transportation also intend to use their new-found savings and phone system features to improve business operations when society returns to a more normal state of function.

“What we’re doing with the lockdown in place,” Fagbolu said, “we realize we can do that when we come back after COVID.”

This recognition shows that Fagbolu is ready to stay with VirtualPBX through the coming months and years as his transportation agency conquers new challenges.

1st Classic Transportation Website Screenshot

“They Are Always There to Answer Us”

VirtualPBX is ready to help 1st Classic Transportation in any way it needs.

At present, this means assisting Fagbolu with any technical matters related to day-to-day business functions. VirtualPBX 24-hour customer support is also a way that VirtualPBX sets its business model apart from competitors.

Fagbolu can also be heard in the video speaking about this issue:

“They are always there to answer us. [It’s a service] which other phone company providers do not have.”

1st Classic Transportation will have the opportunity to grow with VirtualPBX as new features and plan functions are rolled out. The VirtualPBX Product Roadmap shows all developments in progress, and beta tests as part of those developments are available to customers that wish to participate.

VirtualPBX is excited to continue working with 1st Classic Transportation and having the opportunity to feature it in video. Its thanks go out to Chris Fagbolu and all the staff at 1st Classic Transportation who made the video shoot possible.