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Hardware Recycling Guide

This may not come as news to you, but we have a lot of trash in this world. What probably is news, however, is that some of our favorite devices are doubly bad for the environment. Electronic waste, or e-waste, is any electric product or appliance that is no longer of use, and it has some serious opportunity built right inside of it. First, some of the precious minerals that are used in every bit of circuitry are incredibly rare and can be reused, but they also can leak chemicals that landfills are unequipped to handle. In fact, for 25 states in the US, disposing of e-waste in regular garbage is illegal. That’s why we’ve put together this hardware recycling guide on how to properly recycle your e-waste, no matter where you are.


If your electronics are still useful, donate your devices to a good cause, trade them in, or sell them. Remember- if your electronic device contains personal information, though, like a mobile phone or personal computer, make sure to wipe the memory clean following the manufacturer’s guidelines and remove any hardware, like SIM cards or flash drives. Donating, trading, or selling used electronics that haven’t been properly reset to manufacturer specifications can put you at risk of identity theft or other cybercrime.

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Hardware Recycling Guide By State

Eventually even the most beloved electronics need to be laid to rest. When you can’t get an extra hour of fun from your gaming system or text from your cell phone and nobody will pay you to take them off your hands, you need to find a place to accept them. Take a look at the list of states that have organized e-waste reclamations below in our Hardware Recycling Guide or visit one of the retailers who has an e-waste recycling program in your area for when that TV-tube computer monitor has flickered its last screen. E-waste recycling retailers include Office Depot ($5-$15 to get rid of items), Goodwill, and Best Buy.