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Business/Holiday Hours

Don't give your callers the run-around – Direct them to the best Option based on hour and day

For those of us who aren’t necessarily in the office 24/7 or work on remote teams, VirtualPBX offers what is possibly the most intuitive set of Business Hours options available.

By entering the specific hours for each of the days of the week, you can have your VoIP phone system switch automatically from business to personal hours and directs to your voicemail instead. Even if you’re on a call when the time switch occurs, the system will still adjust accordingly so that there’s no more call hitting your desk right when you begin to walk away for the day. The selector also lets you input holidays, weekends, and even lunch hours so that you never have to worry about whether or not your business phone is ringing while you’re on vacation.

custom phone greetings and business hours

Route Calls

Because you want your customers to have the same world-class experience after your office is closed that they would have when speaking to your staff, however, VirtualPBX has taken care of that, too. As soon as you have activated any of the Business and Holiday Hours, you are given a duplicate Auto Attendant option specifically for callers during those hours. That means that you can have custom greetings about hours of operations, pared-down menu options, or even just send them all into a general voice mailbox. You may be burning the midnight oil working on something else, so put your trust in VirtualPBX because we don’t stop working for you while you’re away.

This feature is available on all of our business phone plans.

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