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B2B Nation: The Evolution of PBX Podcast

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B2B Nation: The Evolution of PBX Podcast

We’re proud to have been asked by experts on recommending technology to consumers and small business owners, TechnologyAdvice, to provide a little bit of insight into the evolution of hosted telecom. Now, you can hear what we had to talk about on SoundCloud.

Past, Present, and Future

Sitting down with B2B Nation: IT podcast host, Josh Bland, we had the opportunity to discuss how our VirtualPBX history coincides, and in many ways defines, the history of hosted PBX. We also had a chance to, without disclosing anything too specific about what we have in the works, discuss how what we’re doing today will shape the future of the industry.

The Cutting Edge

Though this isn’t the first podcast we’ve done lately for various business experts, and we hope it won’t be the last. What made this event so special, however, is that it comes on the heels of a big win for us in the industry by being awarded the TMC and Internet Telephony Product of the Year for the all-new Dash business phone system. By launching such an innovative and intuitive platform for SMBs to boost their business phone systems performance, B2B Nation Podcastwe’ve made it clear that servicing our customers is as important as driving improvements to the hosted telecom industry as a whole. That said, we invite you all to learn about why Dash has made such an impact in such a short time, see what our customers have to say about our service, and let us know how we can do even better.

Always Looking To Improve

We believe a high tide will raise all ships, so the more you help us improve, the more the industry will improve to keep up. Thanks for helping us get to where we are and we’re looking forward to working hard to keep earning a seat at great podcasts like B2B Nation and, more importantly, your trust to deliver all of your business communications needs.

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