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VirtualPBX 5 5.0

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VirtualPBX 5 5.0

VirtualPBX 5

It’s that time of the month. The VirtualPBX 5 is back at it again with our favorite topic, gadget and news videos from the month of April. This month we were fortunate enough to have virtual tickets to Facebook’s F8 Conference and Social Media Marketing World 2016. We were impressed with the developments towards optimizing human interaction to say the least. But even more so, we are inspired by the overall theme of individuality. Whether your goal is to work remotely from the French Alps, make quirky viral videos, run a marathon, or provide the world with clean drinking water, these videos show how technology allows us to connect our passions with our environments.

Here are our 5 favorite connected technologies for the month of April.

  1. Smart phones, smart watches and now smart clothes. Lumo discretely combines data and performance enhancing coaching into your everyday life.
  2. If remote employees were superheroes their capes would be Lifepacks. This mobile office will keep your superpowers charged.
  3. Facebook Live will disrupt the world’s largest social network in 2016.
  4. A solar panel water bottle that interconnects the atmosphere to make fresh filtered water.
  5. Samsung’s Gear 360 camera is a game changer for consumer video recording technology. There is no limit to which environment humans will become immersed in next.

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