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VirtualPBX & The Business Briefing: Working From Home

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VirtualPBX & The Business Briefing: Working From Home

Working From Home With VoIPThis past week marks a new benchmark or VirtualPBX as we took to the radio waves for the first time! We were invited to speak with KTTH & KXL’s Brian Bushlach on the Business Briefing about the growing trend of working from home and the overall shift to more flexible working conditions for business.

The Authority on the Private Sector

By partnering for this brief program with KTTH & KXL, we’ve teamed up with the Pacific Northwest’s premier voice of the private sector. With over a decade of experience in financial broadcast, Brian Bushlach brings compelling business news to local and international audiences alike. Business Briefing is all about business; from mom and pops to major retailers. Brian went in-depth this week with VirtualPBX to share some of the possibilities and opportunities available to business with advanced communications through a hosted telecom platform.

An Authority on Distributed Workforces

While we wouldn’t be brash enough to say we know it all, we have been pioneering the tools of distributed workforces and remote workers for nearly 20 years now. Because we’re constantly working to improve the technology that forward-thinking employers rely on for their agile workforces, we also have a keen understanding of the direction that this trend is moving. More importantly, however, just like the Business Briefing is committed to delivering the news that business needs to stay sharp, we’re committed to delivering individual solutions for each company, not just one-size fits all products.

Sit Back and Enjoy

Take a moment to listen to what Brian and we had to discuss in the embedded link below. There’s a bunch of great business information on there, but, call us biased, the real good stuff (read- work from home) starts at about 19:50. If you’re ready to investigate the benefits that you can offer to your employees with an advanced telecommunications solution, schedule your personal tour today and we’d be happy to walk you through your options.

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