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National Bike Month & Unlimited Minutes

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National Bike Month & Unlimited Minutes

National Bike Month And Dash Unlimited MinutesSince 1956, May has been National Bike Month and, here in the San Francisco Bay Area that means there are a lot of people on two wheels getting out for a ride. Recent measures to track exactly how many people are riding to and from work each day have been put in place with bike counters, surveys, and city and country sponsored studies. In 2013, there was 65,000 estimated to be daily bicycle commuters, a figure that grows approximately 8.5% each year. The Bay Area has an estimated 1 million employees who claim to live within 5 miles of their places of business, multiple City Bike Share programs, and increases in rider and motorist education programs to try and continue to ease the area’s roadways and air quality.

Bike To Work Day

The Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition had its annual Bike To Work Day on Thursday, May 12, 2016 and tens of thousands of new cyclists joined in the fun. Nationally, many more areas like Washington DC are planning their big day for this coming Friday, May 20, 2016. These are terrific ways to get some free bike maintenance, bike safety information, a strong sense of community, and some good old clean fun and exercise on your way to work. Plus, many cities will sponsor energizer or recharge stations that are stoked to the gills with coffee and snacks, so the perks are more than just missing out on traffic headaches for a day.

VirtualPBX and Unlimited Everything

We’ve never been strangers to our love of enjoying the outdoors here at VirtualPBX, but as long as there is a passion outside of work, we support our team’s dreams as much as we can. From our community involvement with Best Buddies to help empower Americans with developmental disabilities to the variety of competitive online gaming guilds and teams that some of our Support Team regularly dominates, we never want to impose limits on a good thing. Which is why, we’ve taken one of our best creations ever, and unhooked the trailer.

Dash Unlimited

Since launching early this year, Dash has taken no time in staking a claim as not just the newest and cleanest business telephone system interface in the industry, but as being one of telecommunication’s biggest stars, too. But in light of both the unprecedented outcry for more access to Dash from the companies that have made the switch, and our own attitude towards making sure we give people the chance to be their best selves in and out of work, we’ve launched Dash Unlimited. Dash Unlimited is the true definition of limitlessness in that it gives employees everywhere the ability to present an in-office presence from literally anywhere on the planet that they have an internet connection. And now that Dash Unlimited has unlimited minutes pooled between all the users on any given system, they’re free to balance their work and their play for as long as they want, from anywhere their heart desires.

Unlimited Doesn’t Stop With Minutes

Just because we’ve beefed-up the new Dash Unlimited with unlimited minutes, doesn’t mean that we’re doing that at the expense of something else. Quite the contrary. Not only does Dash Unlimited come with all of the incredible features and award-winning Customer Support that all of the other Dash plans have, but we’re adding more compatibility and integrations to it all of the time. We believe in never sacrificing anything in the interest of fulfilling our greatest passion of all- empowering the businesses that relay on us to be their best. Of course, if it means we’re going to log in a few miles or frag a few enemies after work to get there, so be it. What are you going to do with all of your newfound free time?

Start by signing up for a free demo of Dash Unlimited today!

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