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Happy and Healthy for 2017 – Skip the Gym and Workout Your Updates

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Happy and Healthy for 2017 – Skip the Gym and Workout Your Updates

happy and healthy for 2017You know the routine, New Year’s resolutions are a boondoggle for personal trainers and gyms across the country. For the daily workout set, the heightened foot traffic is a bit of a frustration until the eventual ebb in the tide of gym goers returns to its natural levels. For those well-intentioned people who tried to get right for the new year, though, that brief commitment can come with a lot of disappointment if they fall short of their goals. That’s why I’d recommend that you take care of those low-hanging fruits within reach first. Specifically, stay happy and healthy in 2017 and strengthen your digital footprint first with a quick workout for your software updates, instead.

Healthy and Happy for 2017

Let’s get one thing clear; we’re all about healthy living here. We even commit our company time and identity to giving back with athletics, but let’s be real, that isn’t for everyone. That’s why we’ve outlined this easy way to make sure your life gets a workout and rebuild through your online behaviors, instead.

  • Make sure that you maintain creative and effective password protection practices.
  • Keep up with all of the sweet new technology you got over the holidays and make sure you update your hardware and firmware to keep your connected devices safe and secure.
  • While you’re at it, make sure to regularly search for and install software updates because not all updates are for redesigns or features. Some, like our latest Softphone App Update, are chock-full of patches and fixes that keep you up-to-date with current security developments.
  • The best defense is knowing what to look for. That’s why you need to familiarize yourself with some of the top phishing scams that are used to lure victims in.
  • Another way to get both happy and healthy in 2017 is to make sure you are reducing clutter in your email inbox, too. It’s not neccesarily a security issue, but it’ll probably make your life a little easier either way.

Get Started Now

It’s not easy to stop a dedicated hacker from making you their victim, but it is easy to ensure you’re not their first choice. When the bulk of cyber security schemes go down, something to remember is that the bad actors are dealing with thousands of possible targets, and they always choose the path of least resistance. Following these simple steps to keeping your passwords, software, and hardware all up to date in addition keeping an eye out for fishy information requests is all but guaranteed to keep your digital self happy and healthy in 2017 and beyond. Working off all of the holiday cookies, however, is something that no amount of password protection will help with, unfortunately. Stay safe out there and maybe we’ll still see you at the gym.

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