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Comcast Outage – Zero Sum Game

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Comcast Outage – Zero Sum Game

Broken Wire Comcast OutageYesterday there were sweeping outages of internet connectivity throughout Northern California. On one hand, there’s an ironic humor in the fact that Silicon Valley, the cradle of technological civilization, can have so much downtime of internet service, but on the other these outages represent a very real danger to business. In an area as connected to and reliant on the internet as we are here, simple lapses in service cause ripple effects that can grow into full blown tsunamis for local businesses. Communications are a zero sum game in that any client contact or lead prospect that isn’t fielded by one company is immediately an option to be gobbled up by a competitor. When stakes are that high and you need to be able to reach out and touch someone, you can’t leave things to chance like what happened to thousands of businesses during this recent Comcast outage.

Hope For the Best

But plan for the worst. Those are the two sides of a battle-tested and pragmatic approach to logistics that was born on the battlefield yet integrates seamlessly into the business world. When businesses get their new, ultra fast connection for their enterprise needs they feel encouraged and confident that they have all of the bandwidth they’ll need to grow their business as fast as their download speed. Though mostly true, having their plans stop there is missing out on the second half of a thoroughly vetted plan in that they aren’t prepared for interruptions in service. Being disconnected by this most recent Comcast outage or any complication whatsoever can grind even the most advanced businesses to a screeching halt if they aren’t prepared to deal with it. Simply by adopting a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan (BCP) that takes adequate telephone system failover precautions into consideration will be enough to make sure that your business isn’t on the losing end of that zero sum proposition.

Insurance That Actually Pays

It’s a sad tale but one that’s heard following almost any natural disaster wherein insurance coverage isn’t tailored to meet the specific needs of families and businesses affected by floods, tornadoes, or the like. What makes a telephone failover system like PBX Parachute unique is that the nature of the event has no bearing on whether or not you can use it. Whether your communications are down from a simple Comcast outage or from anything from a hurricane to an earthquake, having PBX Parachute always pays off. Furthermore, because it’s hosted in the cloud and powered by the same mobile technology as all of the VirtualPBX VoIP plans, it can replicate your telephone system basically anywhere in the world.

There will be events that affect all of your community the same way from time to time, don’t let that be an excuse to suffer the consequences of those events the same way as everyone else! Focus on building out the game plan for your business to navigate through any challenge with a BCP, and make sure that you can keep the money coming in through any eventuality with PBX Parachute.

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