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PBX Parachute

What is PBX Parachute?

PBX Parachute Video - VirtualPBXPBX Parachute is a remote backup business telephone system that automatically provides instant failover protection in the event of an emergency or other outage. Acting as a hot standby PBX, our disaster recovery solution can mirror your primary phone system and take over if your on-site PBX fails or if your place of business is inaccessible. Without a remote backup system with instant failover, you may be out of business when disaster strikes, leaving you out of touch with clients, suppliers, or employees.

PBX Parachute disaster recovery waits in the background until it is needed. When called upon, there is no hardware to boot, no software to run, and no data to move. As a hot standby PBX, PBX Parachute is ready to go. The instant failover system can be automatic and virtually instantaneous, or you can bypass automatic fail-over and manage the transition on your own schedule. In either instance, calls can be routed to alternate phones in any location, such as cellular phones, phones in branch offices, or home phones.

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In the event of phone system failure, incoming calls can be automatically or manually redirected to the PBX Parachute disaster recovery system. Calls can then be sent to predetermined alternate locations, like cell phones, branch offices, or anywhere outside the affected site. By mirroring your existing business phone system, callers are unaffected and will never have to suffer from a problem with your premise-based system.

PBX ParachuteRead the Case Study

Don’t just take our word for it. PBX Parachute ensures that Qualstar is in touch with its members at all times. “The solution allowed us to greatly reduce our communications disaster recovery time from potentially hours to less than minutes and in so doing, virtually removed IS from managing another system in a recovery situation.” Read how they utilized PBX Parachute for their disaster recovery plan, by downloading the case study here.