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Comcast Alternatives: VirtualPBX Leads among Comcast Competitors

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Your quest for alternatives to Comcast stops right here! VirtualPBX is the solution you’ve been looking for. We provide industry-leading support to our small business customers, reflecting our commitment to this specific segment. This dedication has allowed us to deliver an award-winning VoIP experience to thousands of small businesses. Say farewell to hidden fees and underwhelming service just because your business is in its growth phase. Dive into our comprehensive side-by-side comparison of Comcast and browse VirtualPBX reviews to determine the optimal value for your business.

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Compare VirtualPBX & Comcast Reviews as You Search Comcast Alternatives

Searching for robust business phone solutions is not as simple as it seems. There are many service providers in the market, and the number of choices can make it challenging to choose the right one. However, if you are searching for “the top business phone service providers in my area,” it’s ideal to inspect their commitment to giving outstanding customer service. The easiest way to do this is to compare reviews and ratings. The best local business phone service has many satisfied customers who vouch for their solutions.


4.8/5 | 23 reviews


4.6/5 | 11 reviews

Consumer Affairs

4.8/5 | 54 reviews

Looking for Comcast Alternatives Trusted Among Both Large & Small Companies?

Michael from Red Oak, TX

Before using VirtualPBX, we had AT&T then we had a hard system in our office. I’ve decided to contact VirtualPBX due to cost savings over AT&T and the flexibility of the system, being a plug and play, when relocating. We’re a pest control service business and use the system for inbound/outbound, sales, customer service. The apps and stuff that were added to the system allow us to be able to call customers from our cellphone and have the desk phones show the office number. Those have helped us and gave us more consistency in our look.

We’ve been with VirtualPBX for a long time and their customer service is the reason we’ve stayed with them.

Christopher From Philadelphia, PA

I had a hardwired PBX system placed for 12-15 years. It was a very cumbersome system with lines and guys coming in, and transformers and programming going dead. I Googled and Grasshopper and a couple other companies came up, but they seem too commercialized. Then I saw VirtualPBX and I searched the company history, as well as where they’re used. I have about 4 account with VirtualPBX and they are easy to bill and easy to work with, and I can do everything with it. I can use it to go on hold with the sub-mailboxes and it’s very easy to transfer my phone number. When I click online, it’s more user-friendly than the other systems I had. VirtualPBX is a great company and I’m very happy with them.

Arbi from La Crescenta, CA

We had an extra additional phone line which we weren’t using that often. Majority of our business is one and we were sick of paying $200 a month. We went with VirtualPBX and now we’re only paying $20 a month. I love the product. We have it for inbound calls and we also use the call forwarding feature of it. The number porting was very easy, too. Their team members have also been very helpful.

Among Comcast Alternatives, VirtualPBX Offers the Most Customization Across All Plans

After comparing Comcast reviews and those of other Comcast competitors against ours, it’s time to inspect our features. There’s a good reason why VirtualPBX is consistently among the top results when searching for the best business landline phone service providers by zip code. Our wide range of capabilities and state-of-the-art integrations makes the favored choice for businesses looking for the best in emerging technology communications. In addition, we offer plans suited to every price point, granting flexibility for small and large companies alike.

Partner Referral Dash: Interface
Auto Attendant

Automatically answer/screen calls to route callers to the correct agent or department.

Partner Referral: Dash Interface
Business Texting

Send and receive text and picture messages, share numbers, send auto-replies, and more.

Dash Interface
Device Options

Utilize Call Forwarding, VirtualPBX Softphone App on Desktop or Mobile, Web Phones, and Desk Phones.

Dash Interface
Flexible Integrations

Integrate your CRM and other tools with webhooks, API access, and more.

Dash Interface: VoIP Partner Programs
Call Recording

Record calls, get storage on VirtualPBX servers, or get private storage with AWS.

Dash Interface: VoIP Partner Programs
Advanced Call Reports

Generate real-time reports from call data to inform decision-making.

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