Disaster Recovery & Continuity

Easy to Implement Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Business continuity means making sure that you can keep doing business when equipment fails. Many companies employ business continuity techniques for their data and network systems, but phone system business continuation can be even more important. If your customers, suppliers and employees can’t reach you, will you still be in business? Basex, Inc., a leading knowledge research firm, has estimated that a typical 500-person company would lose over $90,000 per day without phone continuity. PBX Parachute can help to reduce or eliminate that kind of loss.

Instant PBX Failover, Scalable to Any Level

In phone system continuity, PBX failover must be fast. By using PBX Parachute in concert with Direct Termination Overflow (DTO) or a similar service provided by your phone company, PBX failover can happen within seconds, without any human intervention. Since a PBX failure doesn’t always mean other systems are down, your employees can often keep your business running from cellular or branch office phones. Callers may not even know there has been an outage.

Our disaster recovery phone system is so complete, with so many important features, that it can usually directly mirror your primary PBX. Any size company can use the service, and it can provide phone continuity for all employees, or just support your most critical business functions.

Keep Running No Matter What

A true phone system business continuation solution needs to be able to handle any kind of problem, no matter how big or small. Because PBX Parachute is hosted from a remote location, it will stay up and running even if your site is down or inaccessible.

For fast PBX disaster recovery phone system that delivers true business phone continuity, choose PBX Parachute.

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Phone System Disaster Recovery

Some problems are bigger than simple hardware crashes. Fires, floods, hurricanes and earthquakes can do more than just make equipment fail – they can make your business completely inaccessible. A disaster recovery phone system allows you to get back in business after this type of massive failure. Phone system disaster recovery applies this thinking to voice communications, letting you resume live dialog with your clients even if your place of business remains closed.

More Than Just Data Retrieval

At the minimum, disaster recovery for information systems backs up data off-site. Complete recovery requires making this remotely stored data operational on live systems. But getting fully operational also requires telecommunication business continuation through PBX Parachute to maintain contact with customers, suppliers, and employees. Because it is hosted from a remote location, a disaster that causes massive damage or inaccessibility at your business site will not affect your PBX Parachute. Employees can be up and running on their disaster recovery data system and talking to clients in real time, not just responding to messages. Combining both data and phone system disaster recovery allows true business continuation.

Meeting Recovery Time Objectives (RTO)

PBX Parachute can be up and running as your remote backup PBX in seconds, meeting any recovery time objective you can devise. But it can also make it easier to meet RTO’s for other areas. Employees can be instantly communicating about problem resolution instead of working in the dark.

Reliability, Reliability, Reliability

In a disaster, your disaster recovery phone system may be needed for days or even weeks, so they must be reliable. All PBX Parachute systems are built with n+1 redundancy, and our hardware has proven availability over 99.999%. Don’t trust your telecommunications business continuation to anything less.

PBX Parachute makes phone system disaster recovery easy to implement, at low cost. There is no hardware to buy, install or support. It’s the right protection for your important business.

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