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Let’s Talk About Softphone SMS

Softphone SMS

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Let’s Talk About Softphone SMS

Softphone Business SMSToday’s communications rely on many factors to be successful. One, in particular that stands out the most is Business SMS. The Softphone App and SMS keeps your internal and external communities connected in such a way that not using it would be a professional setback.

If you’re a real estate agent on the go, you can get immediate responses for live showings, or if you’re a business owner needing to send out a time-sensitive company update, Softphone SMS that and boom, done.

All About The Data

Did you know that Americans check their phones 96 times a day, or once every 10 minutes? So it isn’t a surprise that SMS is now becoming an integral feature of leading mobile marketing solutions. As we said, Business SMS allows you to communicate with your customers and coworkers from the convenience of your VirtualPBX phone system. Aside from the reliability of SMS messaging, texts are fast, cost-effective and you can very quickly analyze the results.

Here, let’s drop some nifty stats to back up why investing in Softphone Business SMS is so vital:

Luckily for our customers, when you open your VirtualPBX Softphone for Desktop and Mobile, you can immediately utilize the text message service for business. It’s an efficient and straightforward setup and directly impacts responses and sales opportunities, and as you can see above, SMS has advantages over email and other activities.

Proof Is In The Pudding

Our customer, 1st Classic Transportation, took advantage of several VirtualPBX phone system features, including Business SMS, to persist through the COVID pandemic that hit individuals and businesses hard throughout 2020.

“The most important reason why we chose VirtualPBX, I always keep going back to their texting.”
Chris Fagbolu, Owner

The VirtualPBX Softphone SMS helped complete business calls and text on their smartphones while keeping their personal and business communications separate. It allowed them to connect with their customer base, work remotely, expand their reach, and provide immediate customer service.

From a marketing viewpoint, they were able to stand out from their competition as a limousine transportation service throughout San Francisco and the surrounding California area.

More Softphone SMS Bonuses

Because SMS is digital information, it can be analyzed in extensive detail, providing you the opportunities to increase customer retention. Not only that, you can develop grander brand loyalty, attract new customers (that’s the Golden Ticket), increase overall sales (another win), and a much more profitable ROI.

The impact and energy behind the SMS messaging movement are growing. It’s important not to miss out on what could be a very profitable means of communication with customers and employees. There will be 7 billion mobile users in the world by 2024, so don’t be the last one texting.

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