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Call Recording and Conferencing Now Included For Free in Dash

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Call Recording and Conferencing Now Included For Free in Dash

Call recording and conferencing

Our award-winning Dash Business Phone System has just received a prominent upgrade. All customers will now receive Call Recording and Conferencing at no extra charge.

This upgrade applies to all our plans. Whether you choose a Basic, Pro, or Unlimited package, you will find these premium features available to all your users.

Why the Change?

We want to provide our customers with the best set of features available on any virtual phone system. Lon Baker, VirtualPBX COO, said it best:

“We’re in the business of making communications simple, professional, and technologically advanced. Many customers come to us with multiple bills and service providers — this solution streamlines their communications strategy so that they need only pay for and manage one service.”

Both Call Recording and Conferencing have become essential to the operations of many businesses. Whether you have five or 500 staff members, these features will likely play a prominent role in your business as you capture essential customer information and hold important company meetings.

This change — moving these features from paid add-ons to free included options — allows more businesses to take advantage of the best we have to offer.

Benefits of Call Recording and Conferencing

Call Recording

Customers that already use Dash Call Recording know it helps create a steel trap for the information that flows into their businesses.

Employees at all levels can harness its power. Call center representatives, who are often required to record all their interactions with customers, can rest assured that Dash will handle that requirement for every call. Similarly, C-suite executives can use saved recordings to replay pivotal conversation they’ve had with department heads and corporate partners.

Our software makes it easy to set up call recording for individuals in all departments of your organization.


Dash Conference Calling is a mainstay for any company that wants to easily conduct virtual meetings. Using conference phones like the Yealink CP960, groups at a conference table can easily converse with dozens of remote attendees.

This sort of flexibility in handling calls can make its way into meetings of all types. Potential hires from anywhere in the world can simply call a single phone number, enter a PIN, and meet with the heads of the company. Multiple investors can also take part in discussions that will have an impact on their own companies.

With just a few clicks in our dashboard, you can allow any employee to hold their own conference. They can then invite conference participants to any future call with only a phone number and room number. It’s that easy.

Dash Configuration

All existing customers will now see the Conference Bridge and Customized Call Recording options available in the Dash dashboard — whether or not they previously paid for the features as add-ons. All new customers will have both features ready from day one.

You can follow the brief instructions below to quickly set up Recording and Conferencing options in your dashboard. For more detail, including information about our Call Recording Manager, check out the Dash Support documents.

Dash Recording-Conferencing Options

Enable Conferencing

You can enable Conference Bridge for any user by first navigating to the Main Number tab in Dash. In that tab, add a Main Conference Number.

Then visit the Users tab and select the user who needs conferencing abilities. In that individual’s User Features menu, click Conference Bridge to enter their personal conference room number and their PIN.

Enable Call Recording

In any user’s User Features menu, click Customized Call Recording to set options for inbound and outbound recording. Individuals can have their internal and external calls automatically recorded and saved in Dash.

Boost Your Business Potential

Whether you’re a new or existing Dash user, the addition of Call Recording and Conferencing is sure to amplify the way in which you reach customers and conduct meetings.

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