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Take a Minute to Call Your Mom This Mother’s Day

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Take a Minute to Call Your Mom This Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Gift CollageWe know everyone is busy with work tasks this week and, well, every week, but perhaps you can take a few minutes this Mother’s Day to call your mom and set work aside.

Most workplaces grant you a couple breaks throughout your day. In addition, if you’re on a VirtualPBX Unlimited Minutes Plan, then you have nothing to worry about with overages of any kind. Grab a work phone and wish your mom an early, exceptionally happy Mother’s Day before the official day arrives.

She will surely appreciate it. You only have to select which work phone you want to use.

VirtualPBX Softphone

VirtualPBX SoftphoneWe offer two versions of the VirtualPBX Softphone – one for mobile devices and one for desktop.

They are each available for use on our Unlimited Minutes Plans. So whether you’re in a large company on our Enterprise Plan or in a bootstrapping startup on our Flex Plan, you can take advantage of these phones to make this Mother’s Day extra special.

And yes, we know you can send SMS text messages through your softphone. We urge you to call your mother this spring, though, because sometimes a text just won’t do.

Web Phone

VirtualPBX Web PhoneWhether you use the Web Phone in a web browser on your laptop or your smartphone, a quick call here is also easy.

Our Web Phone is accessible on all your devices, and you can use mobile data or WiFi to complete calls from anywhere. If this is your phone of choice, there’s no excuse for missing your mom. Fire up your browser, press those digits, and pop in your headphones for that call.

Desk Phone

Yealink T40GFinally, there’s the desk phone, of which we offer many models, and if you’re lucky enough to have your own desk or your own office, then you should probably have had your mom in your contact list this whole time.

Close the door to your office, put up your feet for a minute or two, and look for “Mom” in your address book. She will appreciate the gesture and that she’s been called in such an official capacity.

Don’t Miss Mother’s Day This Year

We don’t want you to get caught using company time when you’re not supposed to, so yes we’re being a bit light-handed with a joke here. The point is that your mother is important – so important that she has one entire day dedicated in her honor.

She misses you, even if she saw you yesterday. Don’t miss her day, and if you can, make it more exciting with a call that’s early to add some surprise to the mix.

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