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We Won the 2020 Teleworking Solutions Excellence Award

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We Won the 2020 Teleworking Solutions Excellence Award

2020 TMC Teleworking Solutions Excellence Award LogoOur Dash Business Phone Plans have taken home an important award – the 2020 TMC Teleworking Solutions Excellence Award – which recognizes innovation in the field of telework.

In our case, this means that we’re serving our customers well with phone plans that can support their need to go remote. We always talk about how our Unlimited Users Plans and Unlimited Minutes Plans work well both inside and outside the office, and we’re thrilled to see that the broader community has endorsed that idea.

Our CEO’s Response

VirtualPBX CEO Paul Hammond commented about the TMC award announcement by first addressing our array of Business Phone Plans:

“If you’re a business that needs voice communications for your on-premise or remote team, we have a plan that will meet your needs,” Hammond said. “This award win encapsulates that ideal.

“Our Unlimited User Plans are great for businesses with low call volume; Unlimited Minute Plans cater to larger businesses that see a lot of voice communication with customers; and our forthcoming Voicemail Only and Call Forwarding Plans will address specific client niches.”

Award Recognition and VirtualPBX Plan Goals

It’s our primary split between Unlimited Users and Unlimited Minutes that was noticed by the TMC award panel. This is where we make a distinction between businesses that complete many calls or only a few, and then offering distinct plans that meet those needs.

What’s come to our attention in the past several months, however, is that there are more specific niches we can address with other collections of specialized plans. Like Hammond began, our Voicemail Only Plans will work well for the specific type of business situation where there’s no need to make external calls. Businesses will be able to keep their phone lines open for a minimal cost and direct customers to an Automated Attendant with Voicemail capability.

In addition, our Call Forwarding Plans will allow customers to save money by forwarding all calls to their personal devices. Businesses will have all calls sent to their cell phone or landlines with a modest amount of calling minutes allotted each month. These plans also contain features like Audio Conferencing, Zapier Integration, and Ring Groups.

2020 TMC Teleworking Solutions Excellence Award Industry Response

TMC CEO Rich Tehrani provided his own comments about the 2020 Teleworking Solutions Excellence Award.

“These companies have proven their commitment to quality and the ongoing development of teleworking,” Tehrani said about the award winners, which were recognized in categories such as backup and storage, conferencing, hardware, networking, and mobility software (that includes VirtualPBX Plans).

“Congratulations to these winners of the 2020 Teleworking Solutions Excellence Award for earning this great honor.”

We are excited to have confirmation that our Business Phone Plans are addressing a prevalent need in the business community. We have received many awards; this one simply happened to arrive at a time when every business’s ability is being tested in new ways. The whole communications industry is putting forth twice the effort to keep itself afloat while also innovating enough to keep its business customers working – whether that’s from a downtown office or distributed throughout many home offices.

Our hope is that work can return to normal as quickly as possible. For the time being, though, we also hope that our expertise in communications can help our clients do their best in a trying time.

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