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Feature Codes for Business Phones, Because Life’s Too Short for User Manuals

Feature CodesOver 20 years ago, we started a business with a simple idea; Let businesses harness the power of the cloud for their communications. Of course, there was a lot yet to learn about the technology behind VoIP that was, for many people, still really quite new. But the idea behind that was simple, and sure enough, it turned out to be really quite popular, too! Fast forward a couple of decades and the power of the cloud has been almost infinitely expandable into newer and better business communications platforms. When we set out a few years ago to change the way people interact with their hosted business phones by revolutionizing the design and interface of their VoIP portal, we were motivated by one thing- simplicity. Dash business phone plans accomplish that with ease, and the user-friendly design of the Dash portal democratizes cloud communications like nothing before it. Now you don’t need to an engineer to use your telephone because, come on, it’s a telephone. We didn’t think it should be too difficult. But now, we want to remind you of one of the less glitzy but equally important features of Dash that make it so simple to use, specifically, Feature Codes.

Feature Codes for Dash

We built Dash to be as easy to navigate as your own office space. With well-designed menus that offer logical and intuitive pathways to managing your phone system with ease, we’re confident you won’t find a more user-friendly system out there. But what if you don’t even want to log into Dash to manage calls and features? We get it, sometimes life is really too short to be fiddling around with anything other than the conversation in front of you. For those times, it’s useful to know which Feature Codes to use to get the job done right from your phone. That’s right, as long as your VoIP desktop phone is provisioned for your VirtualPBX Dash Plan, which, assuming you’re using Dash, is guaranteed, you can complete a variety of functions right from your dial pad. Want to forward a call? Just pressing “*72” makes that no problem! Sending a caller to voicemail? You can “**” them right there in a jiffy! In fact, you can complete such an array of functions with Feature Codes that you could even consider jotting them down so you can remember them all. Wait, it turns out we’ve already done that for you here with our Dash Feature Codes cheat sheet. No matter how you remember them, though, it’s a great idea to familiarize yourself with this additional way to streamline your business communications.

What Other Features or Feature Codes Would You Like?

We’re constantly reviewing feature suggestions and trying out our latest beta programs with our customers. If you’d like to contribute to the discussion, too, we’d love to have you. You can add any thoughts you have, sign up for beta programs, or simply just see what we have in the works for new products and features by reviewing our VirtualPBX Product Roadmap on Trello. This is your one-stop shop for all of your VirtualPBX future projects information, and we’re always happy to discuss your thoughts there. Of course, for some of you, you may want to reach out using social media instead, so we’re always around on Twitter and Facebook, too. No matter how you do it, though, we’d be happy to help you save time be it with Feature Codes or another useful VoIP feature. All you have to do is ask!

5 VoIP Phone Features for Enterprise – Infographic

Choosing a business phone system for large organizations take a lot more than kicking some tires. To ensure you’re getting the right system with the powerful features your enterprise needs, you’ve got to look under the hood and test its horsepower, too. Unlike traditional phone systems, VirtualPBX’s robust enterprise-grade features are built to meet the specific needs of large organizations as they scale. Advanced features such as Call Queues, Salesforce CRM Integration, Inbound Call Recording, and Ring Groups will give your organization a heads-up on the competition. When choosing a hosted VoIP provider for your organization, consider these 5 VoIP phone features for enterprise.

5 VoIP Phone Features for Enterprise

Free Fax Cover Sheet Template

Yes, faxes are still a staple of business operations. And yes, we have you covered… literally.

We’ve built a Free Fax Cover Sheet and a Free Fax Cover Sheet (with Headline) for you to edit, download, and use any way you like. We prefer that you fax it.

With the Electronic Fax feature included with every Dash Business Phone System account, this cover sheet lets you put the last piece of the faxing puzzle in place.

free fax cover sheet

Free Fax Cover Sheet

free fax cover sheet template

Free Fax Cover Sheet Template

How to Download and Customize the Template

You can edit the cover sheet in Google Docs to personalize it before downloading.

Edit the Cover Sheet

  1. Open either Cover Sheet above by clicking the link or image. (Google Docs will open.)
  2. Navigate to File -> Make a Copy…, and click OK. (Your copy will open in a new tab.)
  3. Edit your Name, Phone Number, and other information in the copied version.
  4. Download per the instructions below.

Download the Cover Sheet

  1. Click “File”, select “Download as”, and choose the .pdf file format.
  2. Add the downloaded file as the first page of the next electronic fax you send.
  3. Or print the file for the next paper fax you send.

With the Dash Phone System Email-to-Fax Feature, you can send faxes from any email client. You just send an email with the attached document directly to Dash.

Need Help With Your Free Fax Cover Sheet?

If you need further assistance, you can contact our Customer Support Team 24 hours a day. We’ll help you get your cover sheet ready or set up Dash to send that next fax.

3 Business Service Audits You Should Conduct for Success in 2018

Business Service AuditsWhen it comes to having the right partners and services in place for your business, there is little room for error. Outsourcing operations and employing business systems that help your business perform are consistently more expensive than accomplishing those task in-house. However, many of the advanced and sophisticated platforms and services businesses outsource are simply too cumbersome or highly specialized to be handled by their existing resources. Thus, it seems like these types of outsourced operations will remain a necessary part of doing business. This isn’t anything to lament, however, as even the largest Fortune 500 companies in the world have their own areas where they need to lean on the expertise of outside firms. The key to making these investments have the most positive impact on a bottom line is that they need to be regularly reviewed and thoroughly vetted as to their need, value, and their return. It’s with that in mind that we present to you these business service audits you should conduct for success in 2018 and beyond.

Business Service Audits

To maximize the value of the dollars you invest into work done on your behalf that doesn’t also stay in the hands of your employees, maintaining the highest levels of scrutiny will go a long way. Remember that will all business relationships, you are in trusted partnerships but in the end, you are also the customer. Insist on being treated the way you would have your own customers treated and understand that expecting the best and settling for nothing less thereof is nothing to be ashamed of. Keep that in mind as you run these business audits you should conduct for success in 2018 below.

  • Financial Stress Testing No, this isn’t the same things as what we subjected our national financial institutions to following the passage of the Dodd-Frank Act, but it’s similar. One of the most critical steps to assessing your business’ health and one that will help you contextually rate other audits as we proceed is knowing how financially fit your company is in the event of hardship or disaster. This exercise simulates the impact that acute strain on your cash flow and fundamental business health to determine if your company is prepared to weather any storm ahead. One major thing to consider before conducting this critical baseline exercise is how your financial stress test is considered as part of your overall Business Continuity Plan, or BCP. Once you have a precise understanding of how a crisis would affect your operations and how a BCP will keep you fully operational during one, you’re well positioned to succeed in 2018 no matter what turbulence may lay ahead.
  • Internet Network Audit Let’s face it, nothing happens for a business at an acceptable speed these days when the internet is down. Certainly there are moments when upstream carriers have outages, and for those times we have little recourse. However, more often than not, business experience suboptimal connectivity not as a result of their upstream provider, but rather as a function of their omission of any legitimate network audits. While the above audit is crucial because you’ll need to be able to pay for your services in the long run, the importance of a proper Network Health Check can’t be overstated because you’ll want to ensure the service you are paying for is adequate for your needs. By conducting a comprehensive around-the-clock assessment of how a business uses their network connection, the types of strains that are put on it (video conferencing, streaming, webinar hosting, etc.), and devising a plan to optimize bandwidth to prioritize that use, a company can be confident knowing that they are maximizing the efficacy of their most essential business service.
  • Unified Communications Audit Unified Communications (UC) refers to the complete integration of all modern business communications platforms and technologies and is achieved by one of two ways. First is ideal for larger organizations with handsome operations budgets and plenty of in-house telephone engineering staff and it entails building on-site PBX switching and server systems to manage all of a company’s communications. The second and far more popular method is to harness the power of the cloud to unify all of these same systems. A modern hosted business telephone plan will have enterprise-grade features and reliability but will only carry a fraction of the expense of the same system if it’s built on-site. And though users of an on-site PBX option are legitimately hampered with the time and expense it costs to make changes to their system compared to their cloud-based UC competitors, they can still bridge the gap between the two platforms with SIP Trunking. Effectively a hybrid of both systems, SIP Trunking allows you to keep your existing on-site PBX setup but connects to the PSTN (Publicly Switched Telephone Network) over an internet connection to deliver a lower price per minute. For users of a purely cloud-based UC, however, the infinite flexibility of the cloud enables them to integrate all of their other critical business systems including Salesforce CRM software and the increasingly popular collaboration platform, Slack. Additionally, following both a comprehensive financial systems review and a complete assessment of a business’ network health, a business will be poised to make decisions on their UC system needs and expectations better than before embarking on these critical annual review.

Time Is Money

Clearly, time is the most valuable resource that any enterprise can invest. That’s why, though certainly there are other important considerations a company needs to make on a regular basis, these are the most important business audits you should conduct for success in 2018. Fortunately, the resources we’ve included above should get you well on your way to streamlining the process, but we’d be happy to help further, too. Simply reach out to one of our experts in business communications and connections to learn more about how you can harness the power of the cloud to benefit your own organization, today.

I’ve Got Your Telephone Number. Call Me, Maybe?

telephone number call me maybeThe telephone number has long been the first and most trust point of contact for any business. Though there is a multitude of other communications methods out there now, the importance of having a business telephone number hasn’t faltered one bit. Online portals allow one-click-to-call interfaces directly from a web browser that makes having a conversation with customers faster and easier than ever. Additionally, studies have long proven that the simple act of placing a phone call indicates a much higher likelihood of a prospect making a purchase. Plus, the odds of that customer purchasing from the first company they speak with are staggering, as well. All of the evidence that supports the need for a business to have an immediate voice connection with their market makes having the right business telephone number almost as simple and simply having one. But for many newer companies that are accustomed to cutting-the-cable and employing modern, cloud-based communications and collaboration methods, enrolling with an antiquated telephone company’s usurious service contract doesn’t sound very attractive at all. We agree. That’s why we maintain hundreds of thousands of business telephone numbers as part of our total business communications services product array.

How to Get The Right Business Telephone Number

The need for your business to have a telephone number should be pretty clear, but the path on how to go about obtaining one may not be as apparent. Fortunately, thanks to the infinite amount of flexibility and routing options that are inherent in modern, cloud-based business telephone systems, adding, removing, and managing telephone numbers is easy. With a VoIP business phone system like Dash, for example, you can select from any of the following telephone number options below:

  • Local Telephone Numbers Being a successful business is more than just being good at operations and having a compelling product, it’s also about being a good neighbor. There’s no better way for a “local” business to get rejected than to have an out-of-state telephone number. Counter that but searching for a new telephone number by Area Code from our bank of numbers.
  • Toll-Free Numbers For companies that have grown outside of their immediate surrounds, have a healthy e-commerce business, or that are just looking to offer an easy way for their customers to reach them, nothing works better than a toll-free business telephone number. And when it comes to toll-free, nothing conjures the image of stability and familiarity than a true 1-800 number. Did I mention we have plenty of those on hand for you, too? Go ahead and start searching for your new 800 number now!
  • Vanity Phone Numbers For that added element of recognition and to inject some brand awareness or personality into your business telephone number, why don’t you explore your options with a vanity number? A vanity number is the same as any other business phone number, but because we have so many of them to choose from, you can let your creativity run wild in finding the best seven letter combination for your business.

You Don’t Even Need VoIP to Get a New Number

Because we’ve been pioneering advances in the hosted communications industry for over 20 years, we’ve picked up a few techniques that are pretty handy. Want all the instances of telephone number to be linked to a certain ad campaign to track ROI? We can do that. Need to know that the location of calls and office branches are being coordinated from the very moment the number is dialed? Yep, we can do that, too. We can also route calls to and from subsidiaries and port numbers in and out of your existing telephone service to a different provider, too. Plus, because all of our telephone services are hosted in the cloud, we can accomplish all of that more quickly and with far less expense than you’ll ever be able to say with your old, copper-wired telephone company. In fact, you don’t even need to have an existing telephone number to get started. By signing up for Dash, you’ll be guided through the clear, intuitive process of choosing your telephone number directly from our bank of hundreds of thousands of numbers from over 140 countries and be up and running in about 5 minutes. So what are you waiting for? We’re open 24 hours a day, and here’s our number, so call us, maybe?