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Business Phone Number

A business phone number is a telephone number that allows businesses to stay in touch with their customers. Business phone numbers can help promote your business by providing a convenient way for your customers to reach you. Many start-ups and small businesses utilize a business phone number to convey the appearance of a larger business. Virtual PBX takes it a step further by providing you with a business phone number answered by a professional greeting. A business phone number presents a professional image and gives small businesses a big business appearance. Virtual PBX enhances your business phone number with rich features by answering and routing your call. When agents are unavailable, your Virtual PBX business phone number ensures that your callers are always able to leave a message. Activate a business phone number with Virtual PBX to promote your company!
Here are some additional terms that describe key VirtualPBX elements and applications:
phone system
virtual phone system
toll free numbers
small office phone system
business phone number
business voice mail
virtual phone
virtual phone number
virtual receptionist
pbx system
voicemail systems
virtual voicemail
Ever since we invented the first virtual phone service, back in the 1990’s, VirtualPBX has led the market with technology, service, and product awards. This Business Phone System information is only part of the story. Please visit our home page for more about our award winning service.