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Customer Testimonials

Our Customers Tell Their Stories

VoIP Mechanic
“VirtualPBX is at the top of its class when it comes to your business telephone systems. I highly recommend VirtualPBX for your HostedPBX provider!” – Editors @ www.voipmechanic.com
Budget Dumpster
provides homeowners and contractors with wholesale dumpster rental rates for almost any project
I’m a small business owner and I’ve been using VirtualPBX for almost three years now. I switched to VPBX from one of their competitors( I won’t mention their name) because VPBX is simply better…in every way I can think of. They have more features, better rates, better customer service and it’s easier to use. Every time I call in, I get to talk with a real person at their office. I started using VPBX when our company had 5 employees. Now we have 14 and we’re still growing. I haven’t even looked at or considered anyone else since I started working with them. I have relationships with other small business owners and highly recommended VPBX to anyone looking for this type of service. VirtualPBX is just about as good as it gets when it comes to a virtual phone system.
John Fenn
Budget Dumpster
internet hosting solutions
FeBox has been utilizing the VirtualPBX system for 2 years now, and we have been nothing but extremely pleased with their service. We are happy to say that we have never had to contact their support, simply because their service has been beyond stellar. Being in the 24/7 web hosting industry, their amazing uptime leaves us with one less thing to worry about. It ensures that our clients are able to reach us at all hours of the day. Things such as a professional custom recording, a wide range of quality hold music, and a control panel second to none, shows that there is no other company that we would go with. Even after 2 years, the amount of money VirtualPBX has saved us by utilizing their equipment doesn’t add up to what we would have had to spend to have an equal PBX system.
Anthony Drimones
Vice-President, FeBox, LLC
First Interview
sales, marketing, and management recruiting specialist
We’re a 28-year-old network for independent Sales and Marketing Recruiters. Over the years we have seen and used a number of technologies, most of which have promised cost savings. Many of those have actually cost us additional expense. Several years ago we closed our corporate office and went virtual, with all employees working out of there homes. We tried several phone solutions, including VOIP, all of which had problems that we could not over come and most had significant up front expense. A business associate introduced us to VirtualPBX and after several months of investigation we made the decision to convert our entire telephonic needs to VirtualPBX. It is amazing how easy it was and how smooth the transition went. We have been extremely please with the flexibility and the ease of use. We test the flexibility daily with several employees moving back and forth between multiple homes as well as cell phones use, and we never lose a call. We have not had one issue from our customer base. That in itself would be enough to justify the system, but we have also seen a significant cost savings (30%+) which will only increase when the last of our phone equipment (currently not being used) lease terminates in another 12 months.
Bob Werrbach
First Interview
Seraph Security & Consulting Training
security consulting & training firm
Your service is excellent! It has helped us to grow our business by allowing us to communicate more effectively with each other internally and with our clients while we are traveling.
Thank you.
Dale Yeager
Seraph Security Consulting & Training
The TREW Group
financial & benefit solutions
My company has several offices, and our employees are scattered throughout those offices. You technology has made it possible for us to have ONLY ONE PHONE NUMBER! You have made it easy to receive our calls, faxes and messages regardless of our location! Our phone rings wherever we are and our voicemails even come via email! It’s amazing let alone easy to use! I know it is a cliché…but I don’t know what we would do without you!
Jamie Dilo
The TREW Group
Binary Tree, Inc.
migration & infrastructure products, consulting services, staff augmentation
VirtualPBX has allowed my company to easily expand into remote locations and start offering telecommuting options to my employees. Customers continue to call the same number and the employees and departments they are looking for are easily reachable.
Steven Pivnik
Binary Tree
Professional Transitions, Inc.
comprehensive service for dentists from graduation to retirement
VirtualPBX has been an incredible product for our company. With our representatives decentralized throughout various areas of Florida and the United States, we have been able to seamlessly transition our toll-free number from directly connecting to our main office to routing to our specific local offices. We never miss the personal contact so imperative in our industry. Additionally, with the ability to have our calls find us, voice mail emailed to us and configuration changed through the internet, no matter where we may need to travel, we are always available at the right time — I can’t tell you the number of times we’ve changed the routing of calls from our Treo device while traveling. Amazing. VirtualPBX has integrated into and enhanced our company greatly. Thank You!
Greg Auerbach
Professional Transitions, Inc.
Exclusively RN’s, LLC
after hours triage service for physicians across colorado & arizona
From home, we own and operate an after hours triage service for physicians across Colorado and Arizona. VirtualPBX is the common thread that shunts all incoming callers from multiple offices into one centralized system. Not only does it flawlessly hunt out the staff that is working and push callers into our system, it allows several people to work this system from multiple remote locations. We have worked with other virtual systems and they pale in comparison to VirtualPBX. We enjoy the rapid fire responses from tech support via email, and the eager, kind and willing help that we received in system set up and maintenance. VirtualPBX and new email notification is a pivotal part of our system … a feature that we pointedly searched for. Receipt of daily call logs, reports and the ease in navigating our online system add to the features that make VirtualPBX the cream of the crop.
Thank you, for your continued service!
Laura Hagler and Anne Afshari
Owners & Directors, Exclusively RN’s, LLC
management of distressed assets and defaulted loans
The VirtualPBX interface is the most comprehensive, cost effective and valuable tool we have. It keeps our company connected and in control of what our call center needs, when we need it most. Having our headquarters in a hurricane state such as Miami, FL, the VirtualPBX system keeps us in touch with our customers even when the power is out — while most other businesses face the unfortunate event of loosing business. We can take calls from a hotel lobby with back up generators and still be able to make a good impression by being able to not only answer the call, but also able to put the customer on hold, transfer them to other extensions and practically run our call center from a wireless laptop and cell phone.
Being a fast paced, mobile company in which being out in the field for us does not mean leaving a message, but that our clients can speak with us live and set appointments as if we were in the office is priceless to our firm. Being able to view, email and retransmit our faxes from our computer not only enhances our paperless environment, but adds an organized database in our host computer that keeps our important documents within a click away. We are extremely satisfied in using your phone solutions for years and look forward to embracing future technologies with your system as our business multiplies. We appreciate your continued service and thank you for being there for us in the past, present and the future
Miguel Franco
President/CEO, ForeclosureDiet.com
technology consultation for worship groups
We just added two toll-free lines to help facilitate our connectivity, and we selected VirtualPBX after a rather thorough survey of the existing hosted providers.
We currently use a combination of CDMA, VOIP, landlines, and the new toll-free ports to serve our customers. As the toll-free lines are only a couple of months out of the chute, we’re still getting the bugs worked out. Last month, we logged over 6000 minutes of conversations with our clients. One of the main reasons we selected the VirtualPBX platform is because we’re experiencing exponential growth right now, and we want to be positioned to scale. VPBX will let us do that in a cost-effective and fairly seamless manner. Though we’re an emerging player in an emerging field, we’re proud of our experience and our commitment to excellence. Our clients are happy too — and now, they can reach us even more easily
Cavett Binion
Wellbury Information Services, LLC
network/it solutions
VirtualPBX was our first, and only, choice in telephony services, and has served us very well since the inception of our company, over a year ago. VirtualPBX’s offering fit exactly with what we were looking for, allowing us provide our Customers with telephone communication that enhances our professional appearance, provides us features, including voicemail-to-email forwarding, that enable agile response to incoming calls, and does it all in an extremely cost-effective manner. Being a “virtual” company ourselves, in the sense that we have no dedicated office space, hold meetings telephonically and via the Internet, and perform a large part of our services via remote-access solutions, VirtualPBX’s product appealed because it allowed us to avoid costly capital investments in a PBX, voicemail system, and fax machines, and in recurring monthly expenses for telephone lines that often sit unused. VirtualPBX enabled us to get off the ground quickly with minimal startup expense — and for a fledgling business interest such as ours, that was essential.
Our relationship with VirtualPBX has been a resounding success for Wellbury Information Services!
Evan Anderson
Wellbury Information Services, LLC

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