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VoIP Numbers: Are They Right For Your Business?

As the world becomes increasingly digital, businesses are adopting virtual business phone services to communicate with customers and assist in employees’ workflows. These cloud-based phones offer more flexibility than traditional landlines, allowing you to use a VoIP number (or voip numbers; also known as “internet phone number” or “virtual phone number”) and create multiple extensions that suit your employees’ needs.

Discover the benefits of virtual phone numbers and cloud-based telephones for your business. Specifically, what a VoIP number is and why your business needs one. 

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What Is a VoIP Number?

VoIP numbers (virtual phone number) are much like traditional landline numbers, but with a key difference–they can be used over the internet. Using your VoIP phone number, you can make and receive calls from any internet-enabled device.

While the traditional phone system has its advantages, such as having a hardwired line and being familiar with normal call waiting, VoIP is a modern alternative that offers many benefits. With a VoIP number, you can easily make calls from your office desktop, laptop and mobile devices. You’ll be able to use the same phone number for all of your calls, whether you’re at home or on the go.

Being able to work on the go is important in today’s modern business world. VoIP numbers are a go-to option for many companies because they give you the ability to connect with clients and colleagues wherever you are.

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Why Your Business Needs a VoIP Number

A VoIP phone system is a business necessity for any company that requires an easy way to manage multiple lines and callers. The benefits of using VoIP are endless, however, affordability, high-quality features, and scalability are just to name a few. 


The most notable advantage of VoIP is the savings a small business is likely to receive.

Quality Features

Aside from being the most cost effective solution, VoIP is also the most feature-rich option available.


The system is very scalable and can be easily modified depending on the growing needs of the business.

Your First VoIP Number Is Included Free on Any VirtualPBX Plan

All Business VoIP Plans Include a 14 Day Money-Back Guarantee. Not Sure Where to Start? Schedule a Demo!