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Comprehensive Data Security

VirtualPBX Data SecurityVirtualPBX Business Phone Plans work in tandem with a secure telecommunications network to keep your data safe. We emphasize data security in every part of our business.

We have multiple data centers in the U.S. and EU to ensure effective, secure communications between you and your customers. Our network environment is monitored 24×7. Our application developers receive continuing education about the development lifecycle so we can deliver a secure product.

Because of our efforts in the data center, VoIP network, and in call security, no one has access to your data without your permission. Keep reading for a deeper look at the ways in which we protect you while you use our phone system.

Datacenter Security Measures

Our hardware and software technology individually routes every call, providing special safety features included with our service.

  • Hardened, co-located facilities – Our servers and switchboards are stored in multiple secured facilities devoted to the sole task of keeping necessary operations protected. All unnecessary processes have been stripped from our software and we are constantly updating with the most cutting edge data security programs available.
  • Global server presence – We utilize four datacenters in the U.S. and two in the EU to best serve our global base of clients. This spread of servers allows for redundancy in the infrastructure to assist in the case of power outages or server downtime. It also lets us route calls quickly and comply with data protection requirements in the U.S. and abroad, supporting relationships with internationally-operating clients like TeleTracking.
  • Redundant power and communication sources – Our secured facilities maintains redundant sources of energy and data transfer. So even if the power grid or a telecommunication provider collapses, our system stays secure and keeps functioning. This is just part of the reason that we’re the only provider able to publicly state Five Nines (99.999%) uptime.
  • Secured access only – Accessing our facilities is serious business. Physical access to our data center requires a scheduled visit with entry allowed after successful key validation, handprint identification, and security checkpoint screening. We hold to a strict policy that only our senior operations officers are allowed.
  • Part of the national infrastructure – The facilities we use are part of the government protected network for technology and communication, and are subject to government regulation and oversight in addition to our own efforts. It also has full government support in the event that any attempt is made to breach data security or reduce the capacity of the facilities in any way.

Network Security Measures

Any communication stream between our datacenter, our headquarters, and you are treated with some of the strictest protocols available. As a result, any changes that you or our support team makes are never compromised.

  • Firewalled network nodes – There is no way to get to our information without going through secured firewalls. There are no back doors, no loopholes, and no system processes that work around the network.
  • Highest level of data security used on each measure – We use the strictest network security protocols available at every opportunity. We never run in a ‘more accessible’ mode that might run the risk of reducing security. We do everything short of encrypting every piece of data individually to make certain even the most remotely suspicious access is completely denied.
  • Designed to protect against attacks – Our network design features multi-layer data security to ensure that we block unauthorized access (hacking) attempts at the outset, and isolate and control distributed denial of service attacks. In addition, our networks are partitioned to separate voice and data, so that an attack on one area has no effect on the other.
  • Asset protection through repeated inspection – Vulnerability and policy scans are performed on our environments and assets weekly, internal and external. We work with third parties to perform external penetration tests on our networks annually at a minimum.

Call Security Measures

From the moment we receive your calls to the point that they reach your phones, we treat them with the maximum protection available. We stay on the line to give you additional PBX functionality but we’re also there to make sure that your call reaches its intended destination if you decide to forward it along.

  • Equally protected over copper and IP – VirtualPBX uses a variety of calls paths to answer and make calls, including traditional copper and IP connections between our carriers. We use multiple security techniques to ensure that none of our traffic can be intercepted by someone other than our carriers. We don’t route any of our traffic through intermediary ISP’s, so there is no opportunity for anyone to intercept calls unless they have equipment installed in the carriers themselves, and this is regulated by the FCC. We filter all traffic to ensure that it is impossible for us to send or receive traffic to or from any unknown carriers or individuals. We have designed our network so that our IP call traffic experiences a level of security equal to that of our copper PSTN connections.
  • Protect yourself with blacklists – Each user is empowered to take control of their account by disallowing numbers they consider spam. All accounts have the ability to blacklist specific phone numbers as a measure to protect the business from unwanted inbound calls.

Support and Billing

We keep lines of communication open at all hours. You can always reach us to inquire about security procedures and make sure your data is secure.

  • 24/7 Support – Every VirtualPBX customer has access to Support services through voice, online chat, and email. Our global support team makes sure that our channels are covered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Priority Support – Customers with more demanding setups require a higher level of support. We offer Priority Support as a phone plan option so you can get immediate escalation for the highest-level issues.
  • Billing Security – In addition to our other security precautions, we also make sure our financial dealings with customers are held to the highest standard. Our billing and accounting processes comply with PCI-DDS and SOC certifications. You can rest assured that your credit card transactions with us are secure.