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Make Calls Right From Your Browser with the VirtualPBX Web Phone

Whether you’ve completely cut the cord, or making a quick call, the VirtualPBX Web Phone 2.0 has you covered with crystal clear calls right from your favorite web browser.

Calls made using the VirtualPBX Web Phone utilize your plan’s minutes – with no extra charge for using the service as is common with apps that require special licensing. This is possible because the VirtualPBX Web Phone is built on free open-source WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communications) technology VirtualPBX Web Phone Promo Videoalready present in most modern web browsers, like Chrome and Firefox, on desktop and mobile devices.

Plus, because the VirtualPBX Web Phone is totally native to the cloud, you’ll never need to download any software to use it, just add a Web Phone in VirtualPBX, navigate to, and log in using your VirtualPBX credentials. You can even add your Web Phone to your Device Manager feature in VirtualPBX to fully integrate your Web Phone with your other business communication systems.

Simple by Design, Powerful by Nature

WebRTC Product of the Year AwardFocusing on simplicity is useless if it comes at the cost of functionality. Fortunately, the VirtualPBX Web Phone comes equipped with all of the cutting-edge features that you’d expect from any VoIP-enabled phone – and then some! Here are just a few of the features you can expect from the VirtualPBX Web Phone.

  • Manage your voicemail right from within Web Phone’s easy-to-navigate interface.
  • An updated User Interface allows you to enjoy the Web Phone easily from any browser, even on mobile!
  • Know the status of the entire VirtualPBX platform with a Status Indicator right in your Web Phone.
  • Take advantage of your own Company Directory to make phone calls to your peers quickly.
  • Reference previous phone calls with the easily-accessed Call History right on your Web Phone.
  • Use the easy shortcut link right in your Dash interface.

The VirtualPBX Web Phone is the fastest way to make your first call on your new VirtualPBX Business Phone System because you can literally be making calls on your plan within minutes of signing up. Of course, the Web Phone is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of everything offered in your business phone system. Keep an eye on the VirtualPBX Product Roadmap for new bells and whistles on the horizon including advanced integrations. You can review the whole suite of features and compare plans today!

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This feature is included on select Business Phone Plans.

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