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A Cell Phone for Business with VirtualPBX Dash Business Phone System

No battery hungry apps or call forwarding – a VirtualPBX-powered cell phone for business delivers the convenience and portability of a mobile phone with texting and data on a fast nationwide 4G LTE network with all the powerful features of the VirtualPBX Business Phone System.

This means VirtualPBX-powered cell phone for business have all the features of the VirtualPBX platform as if it were just another phone on your account, but without the hassle of installing and configuring any applications on the phone.

Best of all, calls placed from VirtualPBX-powered mobile phones deliver the fully configurable Caller ID Name of your business or the Caller ID number of your mobile phone – your choice!

Get Mobile

Buy a New Cell Phone for Business or See if Your Current Phone is Compatible

At launch we support most unlocked modern mobile phones. You can bring your own device to the VirtualPBX platform or purchase a new mobile phone ready to go directly from VirtualPBX. We’ll send you a new SIM card and you may either transfer your existing local phone number to us for free or get a new local phone number based on your zip code. In addition to this phone number used for texting and calling, you’ll have access to additional phone number features configurable in the VirtualPBX interface – like an extension to extension dialing, conferencing, and toll-free phone number routing. Not sure if a mobile phone is eligible? Sign up using the form below and we would be happy to discuss with you!

All Employee Phones Under One Roof and on One Invoice

VirtualPBX-powered cell phone for business share the same pool of minutes already included on your service plan and the full host of call routing features included – ring groups, call recording, call history, follow me calling, virtual receptionist to name a few – all managed right in your VirtualPBX account. Plus, because mobile phones are part of your phone system, not just connected to your phone system, everything is included in one bill.

Unlike other platforms that rely on call forwarding or softphone applications, when you deploy a VirtualPBX-powered mobile phone all call activity is captured in your account. The call data can be used to review call activity, determine business trends, and ensure your employees are productive and engaged.

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No more individual employee phone bills or add-on services – mobile the way it was meant to be. Award-winning Mobile for Business is powered by our Dash platform. If you’re not yet a customer, or you still utilize the original vConsole system, we’d love to show you what our powerful Dash platform can deliver. To sign up, get a demo, or simply speak with Sales to discuss your options, please fill out the form. A member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.

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