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Dash Business Phone System Interface

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Flexible Device Manager

Device ManagerGary from accounting is known as “Gary Gearbox” because he always gets the latest and greatest tech toys. VirtualPBX lets all of your early adopters manage each of their latest devices with ease.

The Dash interface allows you the use of all of your favorite devices including conference phones, desk phones, mobile phones, and even tablets and computers. Management of these devices is available in real-time for all users through the Dash interface so Gary doesn’t have to work with IT each time he wants to connect a new device.

Device Manager

Use Device Manager for Your Office Communication

Is your office upgrading desk phones? Administers can add new devices for users or update settings at any time simply by inputting them into the profile of a user. Have a few unused devices? VirtualPBX helps keep things straight by graphically displaying all eligible devices next to a user’s information with their current primary device clearly indicated with a green highlight. Toggling through devices is just as easy, too, and can be done manually or it will occur automatically in the order the devices were added. Take a look at the types of devices you can manage with VirtualPBX:

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