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VoIP Cordless Phone Models

Tired of desk phones that keep you tethered too close to, well, your desk? Why not try using an office phone that gives you the freedom to move and transition to a VoIP cordless phone, instead? All of the VoIP hardware and IP phones that VirtualPBX reviews has to pass the highest levels of scrutiny before we include it here. Experience new levels of freedom with the powerful battery life and crystal clear sound of wireless phone systems. Haven’t become a VirtualPBX customer yet? No problem – the below VoIP wireless phones work well across a wide variety of VoIP providers. If you’re utilizing a traditional, hard-wired phone system, these VoIP cordless phones will likely not work as expected, but we’d be delighted to help you make the switch to VoIP and start saving money. 

VoIP Cordless Phone Modeles

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Customers are Our First Priority

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur looking to purchase your first VoIP cordless phone and up your company’s professional experience, or you lead a team of hundreds and are looking to upgrade hardware without the headache – VirtualPBX is the business partner you’ve been looking for. Our service includes 24/7 support and a deep commitment to our customers ever since we opened our doors over two decades ago. Compare our plans or our selection of phones above to get started! 

Pair Your New VoIP Wireless Phone with Award-Winning Business Phone Plans

Business Phone Plans from VirtualPBX include professional VoIP features like call recording, custom greetings, voicemail transcripts, and more. But better yet, they’ve been made to work flawlessly with your new phone – use the buttons on your VoIP phone to transfer calls, check voicemail, or manage recent calls. With VirtualPBX, you can even use a combination of devices to connect employees, no matter where you work. Stick with one VoIP cordless phone while you’re at the shop, pair additional phones when your traffic increases, and even use your cell phone while you’re out running errands. 

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