Feature Codes: Automated Phone System Shortcuts

Handle Calls Your Way: Feature Codes

Take shortcuts to the best use of your phone system. Send a caller directly to voicemail, move live calls from one personal device to another, update call forwarding settings, and more directly from your dial pad.

Just like the new Graphic Designer, Alex, has all of these fancy automated phone system shortcuts that you’ve never heard of, there are tons of keypad entries you can make right from your phone to manage a variety of functions mid-call. That Alex is one hip cat. Dash is like Alex. Dash’s Feature Codes are the quick way to control all sorts of functions of your phone system right from your phone. Considering that Dash can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection and Dash forwards calls to you anywhere in the world, it’s not too much of a stretch to see that you can do so much more from the actual call itself. Forward calls, toggle recording, and so much more with this awesome cheatsheet of commands from Dash. Print it out, study it, and then with your newfound secret menu of commands you can get ready to blow Alex’s mind.

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