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When Business PBX System Fails, Virtual PBX Phone Solution Keeps Communication Lines Open


When Business PBX System Fails,
Virtual PBX Phone Solution Keeps Communication Lines Open

For nominal cost, companies can ensure functioning telephone communications during unexpected failures

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., — Jan. 7, 2003 — SMBs and enterprises alike are looking at ways to protect themselves with disaster recovery solutions that will maintain business continuity during unanticipated power or equipment failures. Communications service provider Virtual PBX has simplified the process of installing and implementing a telephone disaster recovery solution with its PBXParachute™, a robust system equal in performance to high end PBX equipment in common use with one exception – it is delivered as a service over a commercial telephone network.

For just four dollars per employee per month and no equipment to buy, install, or maintain, businesses can protect one of their most vital communications functions from failing when existing PBX telephone systems become inoperable. The PBXParachute™ is designed to mirror a company’s on-premise phone system to the extent that it believes necessary, i.e. important extensions required to continue operation, carrying forth advanced PBX features such as ACD queuing, voicemail and extension to extension transferring. Moments after a power failure or any other disaster that renders a company’s existing PBX inoperable, calls are routed from the company’s long distance provider to the PBXParachute™ data center and onto employees at alternate phone numbers using the same extension numbering plan as their failed PBX system. The inbound callers to the company will not be aware that the PBXParachute™ is handling their calls. Since the service is not dependent on functioning equipment at the company’s location, business goes on as usual, without interruption.

“The importance of business continuity in today’s volatile environment is undisputed,” said VirtualPBX™ CEO Paul Hammond. “Having an affordable, dynamic and powerful recovery solution on board like the PBX Parachute™ gives company owners and managers an assurance that business can and will continue despite the occurrence of natural or man made disasters.”

The loss of contact with customers, vendors and suppliers for even just a few hours can have a lasting effect on business from both a revenue and image standpoint. When the Raleigh, North Carolina facility for national tech support firm KP Technologies experienced a power failure during the recent ice storms, the firm was able to maintain its high quality customer service standards thanks to the VirtualPBX™ phone system it already had in place.

“We woke up one morning and everything was dark,” recalls KP Technologies owner Christian Winter. “Amazingly, all of our reps across the country were able to pick up their phones and service customers without missing a beat. Having a VirtualPBX™ at our fingertips allowed us to literally reverse what would otherwise have been a business-closing event.”

Virtual PBX was founded in 1997 by Steve Lange, a pioneer in the development of early voice-based applications. The company first introduced its “VirtualPBX” service, a product name originally conceived by Lange and often used today as a generic label for the application, in 1997. The VirtualPBX™ system saves companies thousands of dollars in equipment costs while enhancing their existing communications capabilities with a no-hardware solution that delivers greater functionality than expensive PBX systems. VirtualPBX™ and PBXParachute™ are registered trademarks of Virtual PBX®, Inc.

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