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VirtualPBX Softphone App is Updated to Integrate with Siri on iOS and Improve Security

VirtualPBX Softphone AppUpdated functionality of the award-winning VirtualPBX Softphone App includes total iPhone compatibility and control through personal assistant, Siri

San Jose, California, February 9, 2017 — VirtualPBX today released the most recent update for the award-winning VirtualPBX Softphone App that included the first total compatibility with Siri for iPhone. In keeping with the philosophy of all of their unified communications strategies that drive integration of powerful systems, VirtualPBX’s latest Softphone App update represents a new standard for the VoIP provider. Siri integration is pivotal to maintaining total freedom for VirtualPBX VoIP customers who have selected the company in part due to their nearly universal device compatibility.

“Our customers rely on us for being able to power their work all over the world,” said Lon Baker, VirtualPBX’s COO. “And in a global office such as that, they need to know we support any type of business tool they choose to use.”

In addition to integrating voice controls through Siri on iPhone, the new Softphone App update includes a variety of other maintenance items as well. In keeping with the platform of preventative efforts to preserve data integrity through cyber security, VirtualPBX has also included a host of bug fixes, security patches, and other modifications that bolster the overall safety of the Softphone App. In addition to the functionality and integrations in this latest update, the VirtualPBX Softphone App also had some cosmetic work done, as well. With new a new look to the avatar options that is more aligned with the tone of the interface and some added UX redesigns, this update is sure to make the Softphone App more user-friendly than ever before.

“The Softphone App is the VoIP tool that is taken with more customers to more places than almost any other,” added Baker, “Making it the most useful and user-friendly tool in any professional’s arsenal is therefore, essential, and we’ve accomplished that with this latest update.”

The latest VirtualPBX Softphone App is available in the Android Marketplace, the Apple iTunes Store, and for Windows Phones.

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VirtualPBX was founded in San Francisco in 1997 and brought some of the first commercially available hosted PBX service to market for small business owners. Born from the advent of the hosted telecom industry and driven by the innovative vision of its founders, VirtualPBX continues to deliver leading edge telephony products for business. Backed by award-winning, local, in-house support teams, VirtualPBX offers an array of services including disaster recovery, network monitoring and optimization, and professional system management.

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