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VirtualPBX Unveils Call Privacy Feature with New Blacklisting Feature for SPAM Callers

By providing an expandable blacklist resource to all users on the Dash Business VoIP platform, VirtualPBX empowers companies to prevent SPAM calls from ever reaching their employees.

San Jose, California, October 3, 2017 — VirtualPBX has long been a major proponent of providing powerful communications technologies as well as ensuring the experiences that accompany those technologies are equally remarkable. That has never been as true as it is with the heralded flagship of the VirtualPBX business telecommunications product array, Dash. Dash broke the mold for the intuitive and simple elegance of its mobile application upon its debut and continues to lead the industry in design and performance well over a year later. Part of that continued leadership comes from the constant iterations and improvements it undergoes, most notably with today’s announcement of the Blacklisted Numbers feature.

“We made some waves with our design interface when we introduced Dash,” said Lon Baker, VirtualPBX’s COO, “But features like Blacklisted Numbers prove that we’re committed to keeping Dash competitive on function as much as with form.”

New Blacklisting Feature

Users will now be able to add and manage numbers that they mark as SPAM directly from their Dash portals. Once added, users of these known Blacklists are powerless to contact anyone within an organization and will be faced with a busy tone – encouraging them to move on. Furthermore, because users can add both the malicious and the merely opportunistic to this list, telemarketers and hucksters alike are equally foiled by the new feature update. Over time, the amount of time and opportunity costs saved by the inclusion of Blacklisted Numbers into the Dash platform will be incalculable.

“Dash is born from the most powerful enterprise telephone software we’ve ever offered so it makes sense to include Blacklisted Numbers as part of its powerful feature set,” added Baker.

Dash users can find the Blacklists feature already under the Settings Tab from their online portal. For additional information on Blacklisted Numbers, Dash’s other features, and VirtualPBX telecom products in general, visit

About VirtualPBX
VirtualPBX was founded in San Francisco in 1997 and brought some of the first commercially available hosted PBX service to market for small business owners. Born from the advent of the hosted telecom industry and driven by the innovative vision of its founders, VirtualPBX continues to deliver leading edge telephony products for business. Backed by award-winning, local, in-house support teams, VirtualPBX offers an array of services including disaster recovery, network monitoring and optimization, and professional system management.

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