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BLF (Busy Lamp Field)

Manage Your Time More Wisely with BLF (Busy Lamp Field) Indicators: Yealink BLF and Other Top, Trusted VoIP Desk Phones

The BLF, or Busy Lamp Field, indicator is one of the most useful features in a phone system like Yealink BLF. The BLF lets you know who’s available before picking up your phone or transferring a call. If someone is on a call, their extension light will be lit red. If the person or extension you are looking for is available, you will see a green light next to their name. This tells you exactly who is available on demand and lets you prioritize accordingly.

VoIP Phone Lines Yealink BLF Busy Lamp Field

How are VoIP BLF Keys Configured?

Thanks to the work of our device compatibility experts, connecting your Busy Lamp Field Keys to your VirtualPBX Business Phone Service so that your phone has a live status of others on your plan is simple. Yealink BLF, for example can be setup in two ways:

  • Select your empty BLF keys on your phone itself, type in the display name and corresponding extension number
  • Or, for faster entry with a bulk list, head to the Yealink BLF settings on the phone’s web interface (pro tip: nearly all VoIP phones have a web interface you can make updates in, just find the IP address on your phone and type it into your browser’s address bar.)

Start Using Busy Lamp Field Keys Today!

Looking for a VoIP phone with a BLF feature built in? Check out our top 8 recommended VoIP phones. Our team of VoIP experts has thoroughly tested each phone on this list and we strongly recommend them to our thousands of customers for their compatibility and ease of use. Already have a VoIP phone? That’s great too! Our Business Phone Plans are compatible with a wide variety of options from Yealinks, Polycom, Cisco, Grandstream, and more.

BLF indication on your VoIP phones is just the start. VirtualPBX business phone plans come packed with features that make your business better. From incoming calling options like Greetings, Auto Attendant, or Department Options, all the way to integration options like Zapier, Microsoft Teams, our API, and more. VirtualPBX has been in business for over twenty years and our customer service, including 24/7 technical support, is the best in the industry.

This feature is available on Pro, Ultra, and Contract Center Plans. 

BLF Keys are Just the Beginning – sign up for VirtualPBX service today!

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