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Explore the Power of VirtualText Forward Add-On

VirtualText Forward Add-On

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Explore the Power of VirtualText Forward Add-On

Over the holidays, we unveiled our latest game-changing feature — Add-Ons. These power-packed enhancements seamlessly integrate with the VirtualPBX platform, offering users unparalleled flexibility and convenience. With the Starter, Flex, Pro, and Premier plans, admins can enable Add-Ons directly from the dashboard, providing a hassle-free and user-friendly experience. Today, we turn the spotlight on one of our most exciting additions – the VirtualText Forward Add-On.

What is VirtualText Forward?

VirtualText Forward is a revolutionary Add-On designed to streamline the reception and forwarding of SMS and MMS messages. Admins can effortlessly designate email addresses and webhook URLs to receive these messages. This Add-On allows for customization, enabling the assignment of different emails and webhooks for each phone number associated with the platform.

VirtualText Forward Add-On

VirtualText Forward To Webhooks

Elevating integration capabilities, VirtualText Forward sets a new standard by providing comprehensive webhook support. Effortlessly link your messages to preferred applications, CRM systems, or internal tools. This Add-On automatically directs SMS or MMS messages to your designated webhook endpoint, opening up a realm of possibilities for custom workflows, notifications, and various other actions. The potential applications are boundless!

VoIP Features Integration

VirtualText Forward To Email

Receiving business text messages directly in your inbox provides unparalleled convenience and efficiency. By centralizing all communication channels, users can effortlessly manage and respond to text messages alongside their emails. No more navigating between platforms or risking the oversight of critical messages. With VirtualText Forward, all messages are conveniently directed to your inbox, ensuring seamless connectivity and productivity whether you’re at your desk or on the go. Effortlessly view and organize conversations, search for specific messages, and maintain a clear overview of your communication history. The seamless transition from email to text message communication streamlines your workflow, guaranteeing you never miss vital messages, thereby facilitating prompt customer support and nurturing robust business relationships.

Text Forward

What Are the Benefits?

In a world where consumers prefer texting for customer support, VirtualText Forward emerges as a crucial tool. Surveys indicate that 75% of consumers prefer texting over other communication methods. Beyond keeping customers happy, imagine the convenience of consolidating all text and multimedia messages in one centralized location. With VirtualText Forward, stay on top of your text communications like never before, offering your customers top-notch support.

Who Should Use VirtualText Forward?

Whether you’re an individual or part of a team, VirtualText Forward addresses a significant communication pain point by tracking all essential business conversations in one place. If you’re dedicated to providing robust customer support and maintaining strong business relationships, VirtualText Forward is tailor-made for you.

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