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What the Patriots Can Teach You About VPN for VoIP Service

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What the Patriots Can Teach You About VPN for VoIP Service

Patriots Tom Brady VPN for VoIPThe ticker tape has been falling on the New England Patriots for what seems like an eternity. Or, at least for a diehard Steelers fan such as myself, it can certainly feel like it will never end, but that’s not the point. The point here is that, for those of you who watched the playing of Super Bowl LI in Houston this past Sunday, it was a very good lesson in the fact that it’s never over until it’s actually over. The stick-to-itiveness of the Patriots is the focus of an analogy for our VPN for VoIP Service in that even if all other options appear to have been exhausted, there is always a way to get the job done if you just keep trying.

This is no Motivational Poster

Look, I’m not going to sit here and try to convince you of the power of a positive mental attitude and give you a locker-room pep talk. What I am going to do is relate the countless stories we’ve heard over the past two decades from customers who have switched to VirtualPBX because they’ve had it with a seemingly uncorrectable quality issue on their VoIP service. To be completely honest, many of these businesses didn’t want to leave their VoIP provider because they had otherwise positive experiences but had simply reached the end of their ropes insofar as call quality, specifically relating to network issues, was concerned. The real risk here is that many of the companies with an experience like this could be forced to revert back to a costly on-site PBX with doubts that a hosted system will be able to meet their standards. This is where the analogy about hanging in there is relevant.

Exhaust Your Options, Not Yourself

Again, I hate that I have to mention the poise and focus of the Patriots, but the stats suggested that they really should have just phoned-in the last quarter of the game. Until this past Sunday, in NFL postseason history, teams trailing by 19 points or more through 3 quarters had a 0-93 record. That’s how many points the Patriots trailed by, and yet they still hung in there to force the first overtime in Super Bowl history and win on their opening drive therein. To continue the corollary into business VoIP, some businesses that have network bandwidth issues can have mediocre corrections presented to them. Typically, this involves throttling all other non-voice related traffic across their network. This is an unattractive option for many companies who (gasp) rely on the internet for far more than just their telephones. VPN for VoIP Solutions address this head-on by tunneling an alternate, protected, and reinforced channel exclusively for the travel of voice traffic to and from your network. This simultaneously leaves the bulk of other network activity to be unaffected, so Johnson in the cube next to you can stream the victory parade in Boston totally unaffected. Gag.

Another option that is widely unknown to VoIP subscribers across all providers is that when an issue arises in the actual ISP that connects their business to the internet, there are rarely any solutions to be had. VPN for VoIP Service is actually something that can help all businesses in diagnosing and correcting these types of challenges, regardless of who their provider is. Thanks to our engineers’ vast array of experience with VoIP remediation, they can accurately pinpoint where in a network any issues exists. Plus, if it happens to be in an ISP, they can even negotiate alternative connections for a company, often at huge monthly savings, too! The most incredible facet of the VPN for VoIP Service is that these examples and dozens of other possible solutions can all be conducted for any VoIP customer of any VoIP provider.

More Than One Way to Win

There’s one more bewildering, though undeniably impressive, statistic from the last game of the 2016 NFL season that is pertinent here. The Patriots led the football game for exactly zero seconds, and yet they still managed to win by scoring a touchdown in sudden death overtime. If nothing else, that proves that there are definitely more ways to win than we might initially think, and so too does VPN for VoIP prove that there are more options than may initially be made available. The above are just a sample of how VPN for VoIP Service has helped companies of all descriptions and sizes correct their call quality issues, regardless of who their VoIP provider is. And when a business is locked-in to a contract that would be too costly to break, especially just to return to an inadequate landline PBX, there can seem to be nowhere else to turn. That’s why, even if it comes with the dubious distinction of leveraging the historic win by the New England Patriots to do it, sharing the value of a VPN for VoIP Service solution from VirtualPBX is worth the effort.

In need of your own unbelievable win over poor voice quality? No problem. We have an opening just for your business to discuss your problems, explore your options, and deliver a game-winning solution right now. Contact our network-engineering experts today to get started. And remember, there’s always next year.

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