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The VirtualPBX 5: Edition 1.0

Hi! I’m Charlie, the new Community Specialist here at VirtualPBX. I’ve been keeping a close eye on what our social media communities have been following this past month and I would like to start a little tradition.

As part of a new age of community engagement here at VirtualPBX, I’ll be compiling our favorite current topics, gadgets, and news from the past month and sharing them with you here. After all, today is Friday, and you worked really hard this week. So, without further ado, I bring you Edition 1.0 of The VirtualPBX 5!

VirtualPBX 5: First Edition

1. Google’s Year In Search

Data is back and more interactive than ever before.

2. Surfing the web while at work is going to need to find a new hashtag.

There is a new #wurfing phenomenon in town and it allows millenials to hop on their wurf boards and surf at their standing desks.

3. Iconic blockbuster phone scenes have been edited into a single Super Call.


Movie Phone Super Call from Burger Fiction on Vimeo.

4. Who needs a new Christmas sweater when you can have a hover board, a robot or virtual reality googles?

The future of gift giving is now.

5. The Force Awakens

The highly anticipated blockbuster amassed $57 million on Thursday’s opening night for good reason. It’s 5 o’ clock somewhere.

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