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You Never Know What You Can Learn From A Potluck

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You Never Know What You Can Learn From A Potluck

Produce OptionsVariety is the spice of life. We recently had a potluck luncheon here at our headquarters in beautiful downtown San Jose and there were plenty of examples of exactly how diverse our team really is. The spice in our office comes from all over the country and has roots all over the world. It was a great experience to enjoy what each member of the diverse team thought was the best representation of their customary cuisine. Seriously, from the Spam Musubi, to the Butter Chicken, three kind of raviolis and a peanut butter fudge/pineapple upside down cake dessert-off, the variety was there in spades. Considering the multitude of options available out there, though, having experts go through and handpick the best of the best was a uniquely pleasurable experience indeed.

Can’t Everything Be That Easy?

No, no it can’t. Let me back up a bit first, though. Barry Schwartz, who is a professor of Social Theory and Social Action and the author of The Paradox of Choice, made famous his examination of our preponderance of choices by examining the 175 different varieties of salad dressing in his local super market. This oversimplification of his studies is used to illustrate how, while we may have a clear understanding of how added options means added value, there is a point at which too many options have the unintended consequence of stifling our decision making process all together.

This was an example done on something incredibly simple and entirely subjective. Salad dressing is something that can appeal differently to many people and even individuals may have tastes for different flavors from day to day. If paralysis can occur from some simple oils, vinegars, and seasonings, how do people react to complex technological products that are constantly changing? Fortunately, if you’re talking about business phones for VoIP, I think the reactions are about to get a lot better.

Trust the Experts, That’s Why They’re There

We’ve been in the VoIP game for a while. All of the whiles, really. Our founders were part of the team that wrote the original software for the first hosted PBX phone system and we’ve been on the cutting edge ever since. All of that experience makes for some keen eyes for quality and reliability, plus an understanding of exactly what features are and aren’t worthwhile for business VoIP equipment. Now we’ve taken that wealth of expert experience and applied to the herculean task of sifting through and deciphering the mountains of potential desk and conference phone options for the modern office.

What we’ve come up with a quintessential list of good-better-best options for companies of any size and any needs. We’re so proud of all of the hard work it took to distill the entirety of VoIP equipment into these choice gems, that we want to share them with the world and are offering a very limited opportunity to get them for a promotional price.

We’ve put a lot of time into picking these winners so you don’t have to. This is good because now you’ll have the time it takes to actually run your business, not just get the equipment to keep it connected. Plus lets face it, you’ve got a lot of salad dressings to consider, too, so let us handle the VoIP phones.

If you have any questions about these great phones or about how to get the most from them with our award-winning VoIP service, you can get in touch with our expert support team today.

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