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The VirtualPBX 2016 Year in Review & Holiday Message

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The VirtualPBX 2016 Year in Review & Holiday Message

Greetings to all on this fine Winter Solstice, and what a year we’ve all had! Today is a special day because it is the shortest day of the year and a reminder to make haste to complete the tasks at hand. That is a fine analogy for how all of 2016 has gone for us at VirtualPBX, in fact, because we have wasted no time in bringing more new products to market this year than ever before. And with so much happening at VirtualPBX, it seems fitting to take a look back at the 2016 year in review.

2016 Year in Review: The Big Milestones

We made waves this year by introducing some great new technology alongside our legacy products that garnered some wonderful praise, as well. To recap, we have some of the high points that we’ve included into the embedded SlideShare below-

Moving Forward

Regardless of the success that we’ve been fortunate to enjoy over the past 12 months, we are still unwilling to rest on our laurels. Moving into the New Year means accomplishing more and continuing to strive to provide the best possible hosted communications solutions to our customers. Doing what is best for our customers is our core, driving value and we’ve always made a point to underscore the importance of it over all else. Our year in review makes clear we focused on it this year, and you can consider this our reinforcement of that commitment for the coming months and years.

So please make sure to come with us on the journey, you can start by following our Product Road Map. We promise to make it just as exciting and enjoyable as it has been throughout the years and with even more new milestones to be reached. But until then, please make sure to head home for a reminder of why we invest so much into making remote communications a part of everyone’s life. Hug your loved ones, and have a safe and happy holiday season.

Thank you, and we’ll see you again in the New Year!

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