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VoIP Phone Features

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VoIP Phone Features

VoIP Phone FeaturesWith advanced communications platforms comes hardware that is built to handle an advanced system. The original VoIP phones were already leaps in technology over their copper-wire-bound brethren, but the power of the current field of unified communications demands even more from the handsets that connect to it. With all of the advanced features of VoIP plans like the all-new Dash and with incredible VoIP Phones becoming more readily available than ever before, it’s good to get familiar with some of the more useful options out there. After doing so, it becomes clear that the VoIP phone features that are available today are far away from what was originally expected from a desk phone.

VoIP Phone Features

A quick glance of the list will probably reveal some of the expected VoIP phone features, but upon further review it’s clear that these phones hold more than meets the eye.

  • Power Over Ethernet – More commonly referred to as PoE, this enables VoIP telephones to receive electrical power over the same cable that the actual call data will travel over. Not only does it cut down on wiring bird’s nests at a workstation, but it also allows for more robust electrical circuitry in the phone itself.
  • HD Display Screens – It’s no surprise that the most advanced phones on the market will also come with the best trim package options, too. That is certainly the case with the prevalence of high definition, even full color and touchscreen, LCD displays that come with many new phones. More than just a new bell or whistle, though, the amount of communications data these phones can manage calls for a more easily navigated heads up display.
  • Analog Phone Adapters – Some VoIP phones aren’t even VoIP phones at all. With certain up-cycling devices, you can use existing analogue telephones on a VoIP network without losing too much of the voice quality that comes from a hosted option.
  • HD Voice – And speaking of voice quality, hosted communications are crystal clear and fully digital, high definition sound requires a telephone capable of handling such high quality audio. VoIP networks provide the highest sound quality and the final step in delivering that to business callers is finding VoIP phones that are made for this fast, crystal clear audio.

With so much functionality packed into modern, feature-rich VoIP Phones, it doesn’t leave much to the imagination for where the next generation of hardware will go next. Fortunately for the business community, VirtualPBX is hosting a webinar with Yealink, a company that has been working on just that.

Join us on Wednesday, April 6, at 11:00 AM Pacific for a first look at the Yealink T4 series VoIP phones as they operate on the all-new Dash for Business hosted telephone platform. We will be fielding questions live from Twitter throughout the webinar so sign up now and reserve your spot!

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