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VirtualPBX 5 4.0

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VirtualPBX 5 4.0

VirtualPBX 5

As the first work week of Spring comes to an end, the sun is shining bright and flowers are blooming everywhere in sight. Like mother nature, our business’ and personal lives have the ability to gain new life through experiences and technology.

Here are 5 things to get you rejuvenated.

  1. Batman v Superman in IMAX will awaken the superhero in you.
  2. Dust the cobwebs off outdated business tools with these spring cleaning tips.
  3. Ready to take the big leap? 360° skydiving is a gateway experience.
  4. The egg bot by Lego is completely disrupting the Easter egg decorating industry.
  5. Mobile devices built around virtual reality is the evolution of communication.

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