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Introducing the New Microsoft Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams Integration

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Introducing the New Microsoft Teams Integration

Today, we shared that one of our most anticipated features has been released. Joining our list of integrations is Microsoft Teams. Our own team has been working hard to make sure this integration is smooth, continuing a core reason that businesses choose Microsoft Teams in the first place: to maintain focus, encourage productivity, and keep their teams on the same page and within the same interface.

Not Your Regular VoIP Device

Customers choose VirtualPBX for robust call routing features, Advanced Call Reports, Auto Attendant menus, and department options. With VirtualPBX, you present a professional appearance for your callers while also gaining critical data that informs your business decisions. But what about your employees’ experience? That’s where our new Microsoft Teams Integration comes into play.

The Microsoft Teams Integration functions like another device on a user. Your calls flow just as they did without the integration and your data continues to flow, too – your users just answer calls right inside of Microsoft Teams.

The Microsoft Teams interface is built for communication. Users chat, share files, and take advantage of the apps marketplace. Another core consideration is the ability to make calls, check your voicemail, and view call history. VirtualPBX integrates directly with these native features. Since the connection with VirtualPBX happens in the background, no user training is required and your employees maintain their standard processes.

Get More Out of Microsoft Teams Today

Supercharge your company’s use of Microsoft Teams when you integrate with VirtualPBX. Keep the focus and productivity you’ve built and layer on a better experience for callers and detailed analytics for your decision makers. Plus, not only is the experience easy – getting started is easy too. Learn more about our Microsoft Teams Integration and get in touch with our team today! We’d love to show you around and discover how we can improve your business communications and get more out of every call.

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